• Empower the workers

    Transportation in California is a problem. Every day people struggle with a simple commute to their work. It would be so simple to add the high speed rail, and the benefits would be countless. Not only would less people use their cars and bring down air pollution, and there would be less jams in traffic.

  • A plausible transportation alternative is sorely needed.

    Southern California has some of the most congested driving conditions in the world. The amount of traffic is insufferable and causes untold stress, accidents, and pollution. It is completely inefficient. Therefore a transportation alternative is sorely needed to give commuters another option and take cars off the road. High-speed rail is a plausible and competitive alternative.

  • High-speed rails are needed in California.

    High-speed rails are needed in California. They are actually needed everywhere and almost every state because this would just spread the revenue across the two points and increase the popularity of the cities. It would be nice to be able to go anywhere in California and be able to get there faster.

  • High Speed Rails, Good For California

    High speed rails in California would have many good effects on the State of California. The introduction of high speed rails would increase the number of people who use public transportation. This would have several benefits. First, it would cut down on the amount of traffic congestion that plagues city roads. An environmental benefit would also stem from high speed rails. With less traffic on the roads the amount of carbon pollution would be cut drastically down. There would be much less of a carbon footprint left behind from the number of cars on the roads travelling and idling when stuck in traffic.

  • No, high speed rails are not needed in California.

    No, high speed rails would be a waste of tax payers money. California is a hot spot for earth quakes, so making any kind of transportation that is to be guided by a set track would be foolish. Having trains in a hot spot for such activity poses a big safety issue to a lot of people.

  • There is no doubt that it will fail

    We do not need it because it will have very low ridership and there is no incentive to take the train. You can fly to San Francisco from LA in an hour or less for less money. Obviously, people are going to choose the faster and cheaper option to get to where they need to be. While high speed rail would be a better option as far as environmental protection goes, for most people what it comes down to is travel time and cost. Besides, congestion isn't a problem getting to San Francisco from LA. It's once you get into either of the two cities that you start getting stuck in traffic. We are spending more in California right now on other infrastructure like fixing our water, roads, airports, and other things, most of which are completed, are scheduled to be completed this year, or completed in the coming years. This is the last thing the state of California has money for right now when we need so many more improvements to infrastructure and so many other more important issues facing us currently. This is not the time nor the place to build a high speed rail system.

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