• Any tax is theft.

    The inequality in taxes (on a percentage basis) between different income earners is not a fair system when the deductions are not equal for all as well. I am in favor or either a flat tax, or a scaling tax, but either remove all deductions from the mix or allow them for all, but don't increase the tax rate and remove the deductions at the same adding penalties like AMT...that is just wrong!

  • All Involuntary Taxation is Stealing.

    Stealing is taking without the owners permission. All current taxes are taking without the owners permission.

    The counterargument is that "you are taking money for their own good" but that is not a good argument because I could go around stealing money from my upper class neighbors and donating the proceeds to charity. However, that would not take away from the fact I am stealing.

    Another argument is that the government decides what stealing is and what it isn't. That is an appeal to authority, which is a fallacy.

    Stealing is a legal term but it is also a dictionary term and a word that people use. The way people use it is to mean "taking property without permission".

    Furthermore, definitions of words are not supposed to vary from location to location. In international waters, it actually is considered piracy and theft to try and take some ones money in those waters regardless of whether its done for a "greater good" or not.

    I'm sure starving Somalians think they are doing their piracy for the greater good of feeding their families but yet I don't see tax advocates also supporting the Somalian piracy efforts.

  • Yes high taxes are theft

    Taxes in general are theft in fact, as they steal hard earned money that you worked for to line the pockets of someone else. It is not right that a state has the right to do that to a person. I think most taxes ought to be abolished or at least made a flat tax that cannot change. But yes I believe high taxes along with most as a whole are theft.

  • Not when there are government services

    Theft means simply taking something away from someone. On the other hand, taxes are supposed to pay for various government services. In other words, those paying the taxes get something in return, and, as such, it is not theft. If they feel the taxes are too high, they can try to get the taxes lowered, so they have options. Victims of actual theft have no such options.

  • No

    Taxes are a way of life. High taxes are a way of life when thins weren't run the way they should be. We need the country to retain fiscal responsibility therefore there is no need to complain. We are the benefactors of high taxes after all. It is not theft, everyone is just a bunch of babies.

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