• Is it proportional?

    Business officials may do more work, but that doesn't warrant the current level of income inequality. Right now, CEOs earn over 300 times what the average worker does, is the CEO worth 300 times what the worker is worth? No. Do they do over 300 times the work? No. Furthermore, many business people engage in illegal and immoral activities that damage the economy. We saw this in 2008. Those people don't deserve to be paid, they should be in jail.

  • Yes, higher up business people are making too much money.

    Yes, higher up business people are making too much money. The margin at which CEOs and other executives earn more than their employees is obscene and unsustainable. This trend has accelerated over the past several decades. While regular employees struggle to survive, executives are making more money than they ever have.

  • Business executives are paid too much

    Top business executives make too much money. Their pay compared to the average person's wages have grown exponentially. Many executives receive large severance packages even though they have not done their job well. This has come at the expense of employees lower down the ladder, whose compensation has not kept up with inflation.

  • They deal with a lot of stress.

    People high up in business make a lot of money, but they also have a lot to deal with to make that happen. These people show up knowing that they can be fired for no reason on any given day. They have to make sure that the company stays in compliance with countless laws. It's a big job.

  • Yes, which is not bad.

    It is expected that return on investment is directly proportional to the amount of money investment. So, higher up business people are like to make more money because but of the hard work and and how much they are putting in their business. What is "too much money"? What might seem too much to you is less or just enough to somebody else, and with money it will never be too much.

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