Are Hillary Clinton's presidential chances in jeopardy?

  • Not quite sure.

    Hillary, in my opinion has really brought herself down with this Benghazi scandal. Her approval ratings dropped a quite a bit when that scandal was in office. Chris Christie, has much higher approval rating than her and he isn't even close to being as known as she is. Not all that bad, she isn't a dumb woman. Just she has been to the white house already.

  • Lies come back to you

    The American public will remember Clinton's remark, "What difference does it make? A statement that will continue to haunt her. Whether you believe she lied to congress or not. Clinton was the person in charge yet, she has yet to explain how Benghazi occurred during her watch. The big question is going to be, do we trust her to run our country the same way she operated Benghazi?

  • Superficial Nation

    I think it is a sad thing to say but I don't think our society is at a point where Secretary Clinton would do well in the presidential campaign. For the same reasons I don't think Governor Christie will do well in a general election, I see Mrs. Clinton faltering. Appearance has gained such a place in the zeitgeist that we expect our leaders to be handsome and good looking. If you think about the direction in which presidential candidates and politicians in general have gone, many of them are a lot better looking than past generations.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • It's way too early to even argue this.

    Seriously, we are nearly 4 years away from the next presidential elections. She has done nothing to even remotely suggest that her presidential chances are in jeopardy. There is still a large amount of time left to analyze her qualities as a person, as a candidate, and a potential president.

  • No, she did all she should have

    The spin that is being put on Hillary Clinton's work this week is strange. She did all that she could during this situation. There are presidential candidates that have much worse, politically speaking, in their history, and they have not been raked over the coals for it. Her foreign policy experience should actually help her goals.

  • No - Hillary is a proven American Veteran

    Hillary Clinton has a vast repetoire of experiences gathered from her life. She has been successful from the beginning. With a degree in law from Yale University, Hillary has worked her way up the chain. She has worked for law firms, worked as a senator, a leading lady, and as a presidential runner-up. With her latest gig being Secretary of State, Hillary has continually shown her loyalty to her country and her abilities to serve well in a given capacity. I do not think that with the Benghazi issue, Hillary will be much affected. She took responsibility which was all she could do and is coming up with ways to prevent such an atrocity from happening again. I believe that after her retirement from Secretary of State that she may even try to run for President again. And I will be watching with apprehension and looking forward to her success in running for President of the United States of America.

  • No - Clinton's Chances Remain the Same

    Hillary Clinton's chances for being elected President have not changed as a result of her testimony concerning Benghazi.

    Those people who would have voted for her prior to her testimony will not be swayed by her statements as they did not contradict anything she said prior to her appearance before Congress. She accepted responsibility and firmly defended the stance taken by the State Department at the time of the attack. She also admitted that mistakes were made and would need to be corrected to avoid security breaches in the future.

    Given her display of resolve at the hearings, it's likely she has actually enhanced her odds of winning election.

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