Are historical movies of recent decades (as it pertains to white folks) just stupid?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • White people were (and even still) openly racist and mean to other races (sometimes to the point of lynching them to make an example)?

    The white people in "Bandidas" are so tame in their racism that it's actually kinda hilarious (though in all fairness the Alverez character, for being a Visigoth, probably didn't get racism by virtue of the last name). But seriously, the white folks have openly been racist all the time. Not the nice liberal sounding people in that movie. Incorrect. It's refreshing to see a historical movie where most of the white folks are openly bigoted. It's proper and correct, cause that's how most Nordic people have been

  • The title is an incorrect over-generalization.

    Not all "historical movies" are the same. It would be less than intelligent to maintain otherwise.

    If one wants to discuss a given movie, then anybody of sense would specify it in the title. What kind of schooling are people getting these days? What kind of home life leads to such evidences of lack?

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