• Ice time for them!

    Hockey players get to much fuss! Ice rinks waste ice on hockey games, which apparently happen EVERY SINGLE DAY!! That is insane! Ice time should be equally split between figure skaters and hockey players! Also, they get so many banners hung up, even for pee wee teams who DON'T DO ANYTHING! I've only seen 4 banners at my rink for figure skating in my life! Now that is sad, especially because figure skating is so much harder! You could be skating since 1 and never make it to the Olympics, because all the jumps and spins are so hard to master! Even learning a single axel can take years!! Figure skaters should get the ice time and attention! Hockey players get way to much!

  • Most underpaid athletes and they risk their bodies the most.

    Hockey players risk themselves the most of all athletes including football players i would say only because you can't maneuver a hit on skates as well as you can on a field. Plus they play 82 games a year not including playoffs while football players only play 16 games. They get hit, whacked, shot at, and fought with. Toughest athletes out there and to play one of the toughest games too. Still score more than soccer players haha

  • We are not!!!!!!!!

    First of all us as hockey players work are asses off even as peewees we can win a state title even though we do have hockey games almost evry day thst dosent mean that we are spoiled. Most sports dont put there life in risk for a sport and figure skaters dont do shit on the ice they honestly just skate around doing stupid jumps so fucking no they are not spoiled!

  • No. Absolutely not.

    Hockey players, in my opinion, are the most hard working and genuine of all athletes. People don't realize how in shape you have to be just to play the game. Everything that they have, they more than deserve. If anything, they deserve more. If you want to talk about spoiled athletes take a trip to the NBA. As a fan of MLB, the NFL, and the NHL, I can definitely say I respect hockey players for their hard work the most. Baseball players come in in a close second just because of how few people actually make it to the MLB, but no athletes do as much as hockey players.

  • Not at all

    If anything hockey players are under respected. Hockey is a very physical and sometimes dangerous sport. More violent than football. Im basketball you get fouled for touching someone. In hockey players are constantly making physical contact with each other, which is part of the game. Same thing with football. In football you get kicked out for throwing a punch. In hockey punching is pretty normal.

  • Unpopular sport, Low pay, and Low Respect in the sports world

    If you look around, hockey players are the least spoiled in the sports world. They get no media attention like the football, basketball, and baseball players do, when popular hockey players switch team, they get a 10 second time news report on a sports network but when a major basketball player changes teams, he gets an hour special and gets CNN news major headline. They also get the lowest pay in the sports world, low ranking baseball, basketball, and football players get paid double the amount then the best hockey players do. Hockey players play 82 games a season and each night they go out and play, they risk their lives with the rough game they play whereas football players play only 18 games a season and they are the glorified tough guys in sport. To even say Hockey players are spoiled is crazy, I think Hockey players should get more attention then they are getting now.

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