Are Hollywood movies/violent video games responsible for today's behavior problems?

  • They are partly responsible

    Yes, I would have to agree that hollywood movies and violent video games definitely play a responsibility in today's behavior problems. Hollywood movies and violent video games are highly commercialized and sometimes they can seem incredibly real. It would make total sense for these things to at leaset play a part in how people behave today.

  • The kids or people should not watch or play violent stuff!

    Today people and kids are being rebellious or grow up to be bad people because they learn or do the same thing that the movies or video games show and when kids are small and grow up watching violent stuff they act like that.According to my brother,when he watches transformers he will start acting all violent and we have to get on to him so he wont go on the wrong path.

  • In a way, yes.

    Children idolize actors and actresses. They want to be like them and they live in a fantasy world. I think violent games also add to this, but really, who is to blame? I think parents want to be their child's friend. They don't want to say no, so they let their kids play these games and watch these movies. They are fifty percent to blame as well.

  • No I don't believe they do.

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  • It depends on the person.

    While some videogames have become a lot more graphic, violent, and scary as time has moved on, it really isn't the main cause for the majority of behavioral problems in people. It always depends on the person. Sweeping every game under the blanket that it makes everyone violent is moronic.

    Of course, I do believe parents should keep an eye on what their kids play and age ratings should be adhered to, but it isn't the major cause and parents should not point the finger on videogames without taking into consideration that maybe their parenting skills need some work.

    Just remember this, in the old days, parents would take their kids out to watch public executions of criminals. It was treated as a family event. Why don't people take that into consideration?

  • Violence was worse before.

    Children take their violent needs out on the zombies! Before games there was bullying and stuff. I go to high school and our school has little to no physical bullying. I don't know about other schools, but it's not like my school is a 'special' school or private or even better than any school around here. I'm just saying, my mom tells me all these horrible violent stories. Her theory is the games. I think its evolution but still, games don't hurt.

  • No, if it were there would be far more problems

    First person shooters are some of the most popular games in existence today. Millions of people across the world play games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. More people are playing these games than ever before in the history of the world. If these games were responsible for behavioral problems, you would see far more people affected. However, statistics confirm that violent crime, including murder, are down across the board.

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