• Holocaust defenders will be triggered over the Holocaust but will ignore thousands of worse tragedies.

    Were you alive during the Holocaust? No. Were your parents alive during the Holocaust? No. So why are you being offended by an event that happened so long ago. My grandpa saw his best friends murdered and tortured during the Vietnam war. Am I triggered by it? Am I offended by things that do not effect me in the present? Grow up please. The same people that get triggered over the Holocaust are the same people who get upset and whiny over black people when they bring up slavery. Jokes are supposed to be funny. A joke that is not acceptable, is one that no one finds funny.

  • It's either all good or none of it is.

    Art is subjective. Some enjoy the art, some don't. Going around making holocaust jokes randomly in public will most likely offend lots of people and make you look like douche, it's up to you if you want everyone on the bus or whatever to think you're an anti-semetic jerk. However, if you're making holocaust jokes in comedy club or on your youtube channel, or any other place where people would have to actively seek you out for your humor, then the people getting offended will most likely be seen as the douche bags. Context matters. There are appropriate and inappropriate places for just about everything. I cuss like pirate in my home, but I chill with the coarse language in public for the same reasons. There is nothing morally wrong with any kind joke, but people are still going to get offended, so using tact as to where you say jokes will avoid many potential problems -- it's just good manners.

  • As a jew

    I understand why people dislike them. They're in incredibly bad taste, and if taken seriously must be kept seriously. But people have no qualms with native americans, slavery, 9/11, etc.
    If we cant learn to ease the pain of tradgedy, we can never move foward. Just remember its a joke

  • Humor is humors

    Humor is humor. If we can't make fun of the Holocaust, we can't make fun of anything. Once we let the offend-ness of one group shut down a joke type, then that's it. Gay jokes? No. Fat jokes? No. Catholic priest jokes? No. So we either accept Holocaust jokes or live in a world where the only acceptable jokes start with "Knock-knock".

  • Actually really funny

    I can laugh at Holocaust jokes just like I laugh at 9/11 jokes. Sorry for not being a PC Police Liberal . I t s a j o k e g e t o v e r i t g u y s . S e r i o us

  • Hell yea boi

    Jokes are funny. Humor is never meant to be taken seriously.. If you cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. It's your right to tell a holocaust joke and if someone is offended it is their duty to stand up and address the fact that they are hurt. Art should never be censored, especially comedy.
    Telling someone not to make holocaust jokes isnt going to make someone not say holocaust jokes.. It'll only stop them from making holocaust jokes around the person who told them not to

  • Yes There funny

    Who never said people couldn't fly just look up theres jews in the sky l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l.

  • Because Jews Suck

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  • I personally wouldn't.

    There will never be something that's made fun of that's universally accepted. Someone somewhere will ALWAYS be hurt or upset at a statement or mockery. I think South Park said it best:

    If ANYTHING is okay to make fun of, than everything is.

    And if ANYTHING is off-limits on the grounds that it offended someone, than everything must be. We can't have it both ways.

  • It depends on how you do it

    The spirit and, some would say the purpose of, humor is to help us deal with difficult events in our lives. Think of every comedian who has ever made you laugh - the things they talk about are things that, in a different context, are sad or depressing or offensive. That's the point. Laughing gives us a different window to approach the unapproachable.

    That said, there are tasteful ways and less tasteful ways to joke about something. And there's a difference between trying to *find* the light side of a dark situation, and *making* light of a dark situation.

  • Not in the least.

    The Holocaust is the most abhorrent crime ever committed. If we accept that there are things not to be joked about AT ALL, this ULTIMATE crime should be the ultimate line not to cross. If we joke about the Holocaust, we might just as well joke about 9-11 or Vietnam.

  • Holocaust is not a laughing matter

    The Holocaust should not be made something to joke about. It is a dark stain on mankind's history and to make a joke about it insults the memory of those who were murdered during it. It is also insulting to people who lost loved ones or relatives to Nazi tyranny.

  • Wrong to make fun of innocent people who were murdered

    People who were murdered shouldn't be made fun of.
    • Not okay to make fun of any tragedy
    • Desensitizes people to concept of genocide/discrimination (people will think it isn’t something we need to worry about, because people are making jokes)
    • Anti Semitism/ Racism
    • Murdering of innocent people

  • No because there's nothing fun about it.

    The previous posters have already made a good point about the tragedy. If you think about it and are somewhat creative, you realize that there ARE many other things that you can joke about without offending. When you joke about holocaust you make fun of millions of brutally murdered minorities.

  • Disgusting and wrong

    Real people were brutally murdered... There's nothing funny about that. I need thirty eight more wprds apparently but I think that one sentence sums it up completely.. There is no room for debate or argument its that simple. Racism is wrong murder is wrong.. Only a racist would disagree .

  • Definitely not ever!

    People say it helps makes dark awful things less bad, but thats not how most people tell them. They endlessly joke about slaughtering poor helpless people, and it seems like they just don't realize the impact these events had on real people. It's mostly juveniles who make these jokes, and I always cringe in disappointment when I hear the next generation mocking people who had to go through the most tragic event in their lives.

  • Why is this even a question?

    As a jew who had 6 million family members perish in this event the idea that this question is even up for debate on this forum is astonishing. There is no light side or funny aspect to this topic, people who make jokes about the holocaust are insulting the attempted genocide of an entire race. The subtle, though often unintentional, anti-semitism in these inappropriate jokes is much like the socially acceptable anti-semitism that preceded World War 2 and allowed Hitler to magnify it by making the Jews into scapegoats to help solve Germany's economic problems. If we as a society allow ourselves to make jokes against any race or religion, as harmless as we think it may be, how are we any different from the people who stood idly by and allowed anti-semitism to flourish into the Holocaust that killed millions?

  • NO, get a brain scan

    Imagine, you are at school one day your teacher brings you up to the front of the class. The teacher then tells all of the other students that you are different and that you're actually a thief and that your nation is ashamed of you. You come home after being bashed at school and spat on walking down the street, your family are in a heated argument with some police who are telling them they must wear arm bands and move to a ghetto. The police punch your father and throw him into their truck. The next day you, start moving to the ghetto but you couldn't fit everything into your bag, so you had to leave it at your house, you had to leave your dog or cat at home as well. You now cannot go into restaurants, you have to walk in the gutter. You arrive at the ghetto, you have to live a small room with two other failies, your sister is raped by one of your neighbours, she is shot by the guards for trying to reproduce. You are robbed every day in the ghetto and are starving. On the morning you are herded into trains by the gaurds. When you get off the trains everything is taken from you. You are marched off behind the trees to the showers......
    You were 7 years old.

    You don't laugh at that, do you ?
    Because picture your family and your dog dead, or your friends and your boy/girlfriend.

  • No...They are mean!

    When you say things like that, not only Jews but other people ( like me!!!), Get offended or are mad, because they care about the people that either died in the Holocaust or the people who survived..Things like-I'm tried of Holocaust jokes, Anne Frankly there getting old- is mean to people who knew or care about people from the Holocaust would be ANGRY!

  • This is not a funny topic.

    During the Holocaust over 6million jews died. This was one on the worlds worts parts of history ever. As a jew, everytime we discuss this topic my heart sinks. Reading these jokes makes the people selfish, rude, and cruel people. I hope that these people will not continue to make these jokes. They are not funny nor socialy acceptable to make fun of. I am very dissapointed.

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