Are homo- and heterosexuality the only two real sexual orientations?

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  • Some Would Say Bisexuality Is A Third

    I would disagree in saying that homosexuality and heterosexuality are the only two real sexual orientations. I say this because we're going to have some people who say bisexuality is real as well. Not having the experience of two of these designations its not my business to shoot any of them down.

  • Why try to define?

    There is no serious biological basis for wanting to have sex with certain people; or rather, there are many, but its almost impossible to pin point. Biology doesn't care if people have sex with people of the opposite gender and/or the same, and only cares about reproduction - stop focusing on definitions and biology and let live.

  • No, there's a range.

    We used to think normal meant a straight sexual orientation, but now we know that a gay sexual orientation is also normal. Now that people are free to be who they are, we have found out that there is a whole spectrum of sexual activities and orientations that we never paid attention to before.

  • Bisexuality, Transgender, Bestiality Also Sexual Orientations

    Homosexuality and heterosexuality aren't the only sexual orientations. There's bisexuality. You can also have transgendered people who have various sexual orientations. Plus there is bestiality in which people feel drawn towards having sex with animals, even though that is much more abnormal. There is also necrophilia which wouldn't necessarily matter as to the gender of the corpse.

  • People can be confused.

    No, homo and heterosexuality are not the only two real sexual orientations, because it is probably a spectrum. People are probably not straight or homosexual completely. A lot of people are probably both, and some are probably somewhere in between. Rather than being categories, it is probably a spectrum of a lot of viewpoints.

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