• Homosexuality is inborn.

    Research just continues to support a biological basis for sexuality, not a "choice" or a learned behavior. To claim any person would specifically choose an attraction which will get them vilified, discriminated against, oppressed, and even beaten or killed is just nonsensical. It's also interesting that those who claim it is a choice are usually the same folks who claim to be disgusted by homosexuality- when you get down to it, they will usually admit they couldn't simply choose to be attracted to someone of the same sex.

  • Whose homosexual feelings?

    To answer this question we have to make judgements about whether the homosexual inclinations of *other* people can possibly be involuntary, without having walked in their shoes or knowing anything about their individual experience - and in most cases without knowing or even having heard of such people. We cannot possibly do make sweeping judgements like that. The only option is to allow for all possibilities, which is done by voting YES.
    Further to that is the simple fact that sexual attraction is about involuntary in-the-moment feeling, not about deliberate rationalization outside of a real-life situation. Quite simply, to use the wording of the topic, feelings are most often not a matter of choice. Voting NO to the topic would mean categorizing *all* instances of a certain type of feeling as a matter of choice, and would commit one to the claim that *each and every one* of the countless people experiencing homosexual feelings in the many homophobic societies of the past and present were/are that way by choice - which strains the credibility.

  • I believe there are people who do not choose to have homosexual feelings, but have them anyway.

    I would suggest that in places like Uganda where being gay can have severe consequences, no sane person would ever choose to have homosexual feelings, however it is an observed fact that many do have these feelings, so I would conclude that either all these people are insane and have a death wish, or they do not choose to have these feelings.

  • It is biological.

    Just like being straight ISN'T A CHOICE, being or having homosexual feelings is not at all a choice. Many homosexuals have said that they wish they were straight, just so they wouldn't have to endure the torment and troubles of living a "different" lifestyle than most Americans. Researchers have proved that homosexuality isn't a choice, neither is it fully genetic, but in fact, biological.

  • Its a choice.... Clearly

    That argument would be the same as saying white people are born to be racist.... Its a taught behavior or learned behavior. It is not a natural sexual choice, a man's body was not built or has not "evolved" ( for those evolutionist out there) to be penetrated during intercourse. This argument is meant to handicap if you will homosexual people as if they have no choice, which they do. There is always a choice. I would like to say I have nothing against homosexual people but I do not believe in the choice to be homosexual. Let me ask this if it was NOT a CHOICE then history and multiple societies throughout history could not have repressed it like it has been, right? I mean we have no choice but to eat, drink, and breath to stay alive... Those are things that are example of no choice, not sexual orientation. I believe we each will answer for our own actions and deeds and yes I am a proud Christian that knows Jesus Christ and God the Father are the true and only way. I hope and pray we all keep our hearts and eyes on Christ and no of this would matter then because we would be living the way we are suppose to live. 2 Timothy 4:7.

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