• Both the hetero and homo make these stereotypes up

    Homosexuality has taken a lot of symbolism away for themselves such as rainbows and earring worn on the right side. No straight man can ever use the rainbow as a sign for anything anymore without being called gay. Then you got the homosexuals creating the gay lisp and other things to associate with their own groups of gays but that which does not apply to other circles of homosexuals creating quite the confusion. Heterosexual men that make up their way of detecting homosexuals are criminalized but oddly heterosexual women that build their gaydar claim they know when a person is gay or not which ends up just as faulty as the heterosexual male's broscience of detecting gaydom.

    Just like homosexuality the stereotypes lend themselves to much confusion

  • They have been..

    ..Stereotyped in the past especially way too much. For some reason, homosexuality is seen as a thing that is extremely difficult to understand by society, and people go on to label homosexuals themselves as 'girly guys' mainly because they are attracted to their own gender, or 'butch girls.'

    I am personally not gay, but I have known some throughout my lifetime and when they came out of the closet finally, I've heard this phrase many times: 'Oh, I would never have guessed!' That alone states that most people has a certain image of gays.

  • Yes, definitely .

    It seems that homosexuals are subjected to a lot of stereotyping, generalizations and clichés, especially in the media, even within the gay community and gay related media. Gay men are portrayed and assumed to be very flamboyant and loud with a high voice and a lisp or obsessed with the gym and partying. People assume that all homosexual men have AIDS and engage promiscuous and risky behavior, including drug use. Many also assume that all gay men are sex obsessed perverts who like to prey on children, which is far from the truth. Many even believe that gay men secretly want to become women, which also is not true.

    Lesbians are also subjected to the same ridiculous misconceptions, being portrayed as butch, violent, tool lovers with no self control around other women.

    As harmful as most of these stereotypes may be, the truth is that, homosexuals come from all walks of life. There are gay people everywhere with a variety of interest, personalities and backgrounds. Gay people, in general, are no different than anyone else. There are gay athletes, gay scientists, gay teachers, gay policemen and policewomen. Not all gay men are flamboyant, not all lesbians are butch, in fact the quite the opposite. Not all gay men have AIDS and like to engage in promiscuous behavior. Not all gay men are obsessed with the gym either. And we definitely do not prey on innocent people, despite what some ignorant people believe.

  • Its not a stereotype if its true

    I am not saying homosexuals are not pigeon holed or held up to stereotypes. They are. But the issue is that some homosexuals live to the stereotype. Maybe for attention or maybe because its their personality. There is many gay men and women who do not conform to the stereotype and most people don't mind one way or the other.

    A straight woman may approach a gay man and suggest "SHOPPING SPREE" when the gay man would rather catch the game with a beer.

    However when the majority of homosexual men in the public eye are overtly camp and effeminate its because a large percentage of the homosexual males are camp and effeminate.

    Maybe they are living to a standard they believe they should live to but its still there choice to act, behave or portray themselves in that manner

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