• It is animal cruelty

    Horses are beaten, abused and killed just for our entertainment. If a horse loses enough, their shot. If a horse gets injured and it is not profitable to fix him or her, their shot. Why is this called entertainment???????? It is just animal cruelty, not entertainment. Anyone who enjoys this is just barbaric

  • Yes! Surely if people think that horses dying is ok, they don't care for them.

    Approximately 12,000 foals are born into the closely-related British and Irish racing industries each year, yet only around 40% go on to become racers. Those horses who do not make the grade may be slaughtered for meat or repeatedly change hands in a downward spiral of neglect. Of those horses who do go on to race, around 400 are raced to death every year.
    The survivors are denied their freedom and pushed to their limits to serve the financial interests of trainers, owners and bookies. Because they are bred for speed, not strength, many sustain limb and other injuries and are shot.

  • Horses need to be whipped

    Horses are animals that need to be whipped to make them perform like logging horses or circus animals. Its just normal to use the whip - we do it all the time when we train our horses. A whipped horse is an obedient horse. I've lost count of the number of beatings I've needed to give.

  • Depends on the horse and trainer

    Horse racing can be a risk to the animal as the training programs are very aggressive. Just like humans some horses are capable of that kind of work and for others it is too much. Many racehorses are put on the two-year program, which can be very intense for their young bodies. It ultimately falls on the trainer if the animal is in pain. Trainers should be able to read their animal’s body language and know when it is too much.

  • Not animal cruelty

    Whoever says that this is animal cruelty has no idea what they're talking about. I'll have you know that horses are actually not killed if they loose too much, they are often used for breeding purposes, or sold to a different owner, not killed. I would suggest that you do your research before you start running your mouth about something you don't know anything about.

  • Well...It depends on the horse.

    If the horse has been well taken care of, and loves what he/she does, then it's fine. However, if the horse is lame, and they still make it race, that is cruel, and a level of animal abuse. Many horses are built for this. For example, a racer may use a Thoroughbred that is in good shape, over a small Appaloosa that is skimpy and doesn't have the required strength.

  • NO horse races are not to violent for horses.

    The horses are specially trained for what they do so they are used to there surroundings . Nothing is to violent for them that is why the horses who race race.People can see things on TV about horse races and think it is violent but horses have been through that many many times.

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