Are hot-button topics like abortion and gay marriage just a way to keep us divided?

Asked by: Jojodancer
  • Minority Blowhards Make Things More Difficult

    Ardent supporters and detractors of abortion and gay marriage get the masses all riled up about issues that are very simple. It all comes down to equal rights. Everyone has the right to get married, no matter what. Women have the right to change their bodies how they see fit, no matter what. Instead, opponents of abortion and gay marriage, sometimes very vocal and well-paid minority voices, trump up how "bad" these sins are when they really aren't as terrible as they sound in the first place.

  • No one wins here

    None of these topics are important to who we are as a nation. We have so many freedoms, why are these small things being chosen as, "hot topics"? I personally do not support abortion, but someone else somewhere does. This does not mean I ragingly and enthusiastically attack them and do everything in my power to rid them from this earth.

    There is a ruling class. They are keeping you ignorant and stupid. They love it. Be angry.

  • Both Parties Collaborating to Erode Rights

    Both the Republican and Democratic parties seek to erode the rights of citizens. They do so by framing the debate around rights that each group of constituents supports removing because they are exercised by other people. Republicans seek to erode sexual rights, while Democrats seek to eliminate economic rights. They keep people fighting with each other while they take turns passing laws to oppress us. When was the last time Congress did something that made your life better?

  • There are more important things to discuss,

    Such as the millions of people who die every year because of the food market's speculation, or the genocides the Western armies commit yet are mostly covered by the mainstream media. Let's get freed from this oligarchy, build a truly democratic society and then discuss all those other topics.

    I needed one more word.

  • While I admit

    That there isn't a reason not to legitimately explore every avenue of the human condition, political and otherwise, you'd have to be naive or oblivious to be unable to recognize the aim of modern corporatist government. It consolidates its power and exploits us in two ways: One, by promoting apathy. The importance of participating in government is almost totally absent. Almost no one recognizes the adult responsibility we have of studying history, evaluating our situation and making important decisions through our vote. Instead, like a feeble group of children we tell ourselves "politics are boring and we can't do anything about it anyway!" And we find more worthwhile investments, like watching the new episode of 'Duck Dynasty' or going to the club. This is largely perpetuated by the education system. Then two, so far as we do attempt to participate, the corrupt two-party system, backed by the media, distracts us with issues that have one basic commonality: they hardly effect money-flow. Corporations and their lobbies don't care if gay people get married or not, or have abortions, or if "God" appears in the pledge of allegiance, etc. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same corrupt coin (pardon the cliche). The reach across the aisle and agree with each other more than we'll ever realize.

  • United we stand. Divided we fall.

    Keeping the people of the United States on opposing sides is a constant in our history. Sex , race, religion, sexual orientation , age, political beliefs, and most important of all social status. Regardless if your a god fearing Christian or a atheists minority bi sexual abortion and gay marriage are not the biggest issue facing you today. Student loans , mortgage , retirement , and many more issues face us all. Other than those getting married or faced with the decision of abortion the majority of us are truly unaffected. Yet for the last 6 elections these are the debates we base our countries future on.. What would the future be like of we put our differences aside for once? What could we accomplish by standing side by side for one another? While we argue we fall further and further In debt, our privacy is taken away, and we pay for wars that can't be won(drugs / terror). So come on bible thumpers , homosexuals, liberals ,conservatives, crips , and bloods lets keep picking sides. It's the American way . Divided we fall.

  • No, fabric of society is important.

    Societies must have some kind of common thread or they cannot exist. If nobody knows what is right or wrong, or everybody disagrees, we will have anarchy. In that case the economy and all the other "important stuff" will not matter. It matters not whether the rules of society are fair or not, just or unjust, as long as most people understand and go along with them. The source of the rules does not matter either whether it be societal tradition, religious custom, etc. The problem is how do we get there. In the US we have had generational changes of opinion which get reflected in the laws and the current customs. This worked OK until the Hippies came along. They just wanted to tear down society and right now. This sentiment still persists. Until they came along the "hot button" issues were decided by the states. Some states allowed abortion, some did not and so on. Where we fell down was allowing these issues to be federalized. The federal government does have more important things to worry about. The states, on the other hand, are all about worrying about the hot button issues. Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court has decided that it is the arbiter of social customs. They have forced the hot button issues to be debated at the national level instead of the local level. So what is the choice? We can let every fringe element of society tear down society one custom at a time because it's "not important enough" to be debated, or the customs must be debated, maybe defended, and certainly decided. Unfortunately the only venue for this to take place is now on the national stage.

  • That makes no sense.

    Hot topic issues are hot because they are serious and complex. They are not black-and-white. There are many different and logical/valid arguments to both sides of the issues, which is why they remain large issues to this day. It's clear they exist on their own merits, and the idea that they exist only to serve the purpose of keeping us divided makes no sense. They may keep us divided, but they don't exist for that purpose.

  • Everyone has different opinions.

    They are not there to intentionally keep us divided. Just with any issue there will be some people for it and some people against. Some people think abortion is wrong because it violates the right to life of the human being while others think that it's the woman's body and she should have a choice. These issues do divide us but they do not exist for the sole purpose of keeping us divided.

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