Are House Republicans threatening economic growth in the U.S.?

  • Yes, they are stopping progress

    By blocking every initiative the President and the democratic members of congress put forth, the Republicans are blocking economic growth. They are not doing it for any reason other than they want the President to fail (this has been spoken, out loud, to the press). That is proof right there. It is a stupid policy and needs to be stopped.

  • Yes. They obstruct.

    The GOP is unwilling to make the investments needed to grow the economy is a smart and equitable way. They are only interested in retaining power for those with high incomes and the corporations who support them. They block nearly all legislation that they dislike instead of compromising, and then they blame the President and the Democrats.

  • Yes, House Republicans Are Hurting Economic Growth

    It is really unsettling that in today's political climate, the word "compromise" is seen as a dirty word that neither side will consider until their backs are up against the wall. They keep setting these arbitrary deadlines for deals to be done and then they'll get them done at the last second. Then a few months later there is another deadline that they have difficulty meeting. For what it's worth, I do not think Democrats are much better.

  • No, not by themselves

    To say 'House Republicans' are threatening growth is to place all the blame on one side. Politics in general constitutes the largest threat. Both Republicans and Democrats seem more interested in proving the other side wrong than in actually solving any problems. I don't think they even care what the 'right thing to do' is, so long as it isn't what the other side says.

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Godlike says2013-02-27T21:58:15.170
I would say that they are making it very difficult for legislation to get passed. However; that is how the founding fathers intened it to be. The whole purpose of seperat branches is so there ischecks and balances. Moreover; that there is "compremise". You can't spend what you don't have by borrowing from china. On the other hand, checks and balances does not mean "Not even voting on bills". Both repubs and Dems are the problem. Both sides want to be right and put party before the people. lastly, lets face it... If the President wasn't black, we would not even have these issues, thats really sad in this day and age.