• A mother's nature is core to children's success

    Woman and men are different, period. A man can never nurture children the way a mother does. Sure dads can try, and probably do a decent job at it. But ultimately it's the mother who has the touch, compassion, and empathy at a level which is not taught. When a child is hurt who do they want? When a child is sick they ask for mama. Unfortunately not all mother's can stay at home financially. Overall a mother's love is unique to the children she gave birth to.

  • It is not correct

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  • It is not correct

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  • It all depends on the individual

    It all comes down to this:

    1.) A working mother spends as much time with her children as possible and might even sacrifice her work days sometimes in order to spend time with them. She provides them with food, drink, motherly love and compassion and nurtures them well and even encourages them to pursue anything they want to be in life whether it be a stay at home parent or a working parent.

    2.) a stay at home mother is lazy, ignores her children's needs, sits around all day watching soap operas. She does not spend time with her children and virtually does not really care about them

    3.) a working mother is out 24/7 and only sees her children a few hours a day. She drops them off at daycare daily and only orders takeout and is never bothered to cook a fresh meal from scratch. She is not concerned enough for her children's well being or their nurturing

    4.) a stay at home mother is constantly looking after her children, feeding them, clothing them (if they are young) and does not drop them off at daycare (if they are young) but will only do so if they are going somewhere. She provides motherly love, compassion and nurtures them well.

    So the thing is, you can be a working mother and still be a great mother to your children or you can be a working mother and neglect them in all areas. You can be a stay at home mother and give your children all the help thy need or you can be a lazy ass and not care about their wellbeing

  • No working wormen are there for their kids.

    Working women support the family, she makes money and pays the bills. There are no 1950's roles she should play. So when shes working she is providing money for bills, activities, and saving up for a vacation with her kids. And when she gets home from work, her and her husband should clean up the house, do dinner, and tuck their kids into bed. Dont forget to include the dads doing chores too. Im pretty sure moms shouldnt only be doing the cooking and cleaning..The dad needs to step up

  • Mothers have the right to work or stay at home.

    Mothers should have the chance to be able to work but also be able to stay at their house or with their children. Your children need your help and support during there life so it’s great to be at home with them, but if you need to get some extra money, then you should get a job, even if its a stay at home job.

    Working mothers and stay at home moms are always working. If you’re at an office, you have a boss and you earn money for your family, you’re working. If you’re at home, caring for your children and helping to clean your house, you’re also working. Some mothers think that they are better because they stay at home with their children or be at work. But every mother has their separate struggles, whether it’s painting a fence, or filing some papers.

  • Neither working mothers, nor stay at home mothers are better

    All mothers work. Stay at home mothers most definitely work. Both types have daily struggles and successes. Some women feel that they are better mothers for being at home, and others feel they are better mothers for being at work. Parenting is complicated and no one has the right to dictate how mothers should be. We also need to support each other in the right to make the choice to work or not to work outside the home.

  • Each Family Is Different

    There can be no definitive answers as to whether stay at home moms are better than working moms. In some households, both parents need to work in order to provide for their children and family. In others, fathers stay home to raise the children, but one cannot make a blanket statement about the value of either scenario.

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