• Yes, human activities are changing the Earth's climate

    I do believe that human activities such as consumption of gas and production of automobiles are changing the Earth's climate. The more we consume and the more we use new products and processes, it is always going to have some sort of effect on the environment, bad or even good.

  • Human effect is one of many contributions

    The effect of climate change is shared by humans, animals, vegetation, and physics. We constantly learn and re-learn the folly of trying to control Mother Nature but it is our responsibility to try to get along with Mother Nature as much as we can. We need to quit or at least mitigate any negative contribution we make to the affect on the atmosphere.

  • No absolutely not.

    No. Human beings are incredibly foolish to think that nature is going to be thwarted in its destiny by man. Earth does what it does and humans have really no effect on its activities. We just like to think that we do have that power, but we don't. We never have and we never will. But we will probably go on kidding ourselves that we do. Nature has never waited for humanity. We are not that powerful on this planet. We sure like to think that we are though.

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