Are human beings descendants of ancient alien civilizations?

  • Else we would have ended like mars

    Life on mars ended many million years ago because of lack of living beings there in a suitable weather like earth,which decreased the greenhouse effect there.Mars is much older than earth.So ,we r lucky that aliens made us.Thanx to united states for hiding aliens and they are taking our existence away

  • Think about Genes..

    The whole theory "we evolved from monkeys" is possibly true, but supporting that theory is the belief of aliens being our creators.. I believe so, because monkeys cannot have all of the genes it takes two different sides of chromosomes to make a human being.. As Giorgio says "Aliens".. Thanks

  • I vote yes

    God could be an alein so think about that not saying I believe but if u believe where do u think God came from ? And who really knows if aliens are being hidden and if they are then what could be the reason are they scared in case they do something?

  • What proof do you have other than questionable sightings that might be hoax?

    If there were aliens that were our ancestors, you'd think you'd find remains of their buildings and culture. The Egyptian people left pyramids behind.The aliens didn't, which means they don't exist.
    If you wanted to, you could search for remains of their culture which
    would be vain.I believe the God of the Bible made man in his Image.
    He deserves glory and praise.

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