• I think human beings are good

    Because they would have education, they would learn many things and they would also learn from their mistakes. Like many kids or teenagers can say bad words but the would also make their own mistakes and they would learn their lessons, Thats in my opinion I dont know about you guys. Subscribe and leave a comment down below. By the way guys if u wanna join my clan in Clash Royale, name tag is TEAM BAD BOYZ, yall should join!!!!

  • Because good still exists along with evil

    True you can't get rid of evil forever, but you can't get rid of good either. I believe good will still be strong and last in the world because if it didn't before, then the world would already be colored in blood and all the color would be gone forever.

  • Couldn't we have some facts?

    I THINK that about 10 percent of people are 'bad': difficult childhood, unloving parents, bad examples within the family, and perhaps some who are just plain 'bad', but most people are essentially OK: honest, law abiding, decent. Sadly, but understandably, the news, the law, the police, have to focus on that 10% who then mess it up for all of us. But there are probably facts which can confirm (or otherwise) this supposition. Let's have the data sociologists please.

  • I strongly believe that humans are inherently good. Long shot, huh?

    Humans are inherently good because everybody has FREE WILL. Free will is for someone to have their own opinions, actions, and consequences. We choose to make the actions that we make. Even if pressured, we still have our own mind to choose whether or not to be pressured into doing stuff. Humans are good even though some are still bad.

  • They are good.

    Human beings are inherently good, not evil. You can see this from all different types of people from all over the world. The amount of good people is much greater then the amount of bad people out there in the world. This proves that human beings are mostly good people.

  • Because I have to pick one

    I think most humans are inherently good and that we learn evil from others. However, there are some people who are born with a very diminished capacity to be good. That category applies to very few people percentage wise, but there are still people born who enjoy hurting others, have no remorse and lack empathy. Most humans are inherently good.

  • Human beings are inherently good.

    Human beings can be seen as inherently good.They would not have qualities like compassion and empathy if there was no inherent good in them.Human beings are social creatures and this means looking out for other people even sometimes before themselves or what is best for their own future or well being.

  • Human beings are alright.

    If I had to choose between the two options I would choose to believe that human beings are inherently good. I think that, if anything, human beings are born as a rather blank slate. Good and bad can be taught from birth so as not even to be distinguished by birth.

  • Humans don't accept that they are wrong.

    Humans are evil, And you know exactly why, Every person knows exactly how cruel and unforgiving the human race is. People just need to accept that there is something wrong with us before we can begin to change. If everyone just refuses to except that they are wrong, They will continue to do wrong.

  • We are born selfish

    Humans are born to see that only their needs are met without the slightest shred of concern for our parents' wellbeing. As we grow older, We are taught what society says is right and wrong. We have to be told stealing is bad. Killing other humans is bad. Be compassionate to your fellows. These are things we must be taught. Inherently, Humans are "evil" in the common understanding of the word. The real debate isn't are we naturally good or evil. The debate is whether or not overcoming our cruel, Violent, Selfish ways makes us good, Or more deceptive when we do evil.

  • From Birth, Evil.

    Self preservation is the natural state of humanity. From birth children do not need to be taught how to lie, cheat, steal, abuse, deface, or dominate. These are innate characteristics that are inherent across all race, sex, and what ever category you would like to attribute to segregate mankind. What is wright is what we teach our children, not what is wrong. Empathy, Compassion, self-sacrifice, giving, serving, helping, and caring for others are just some of the characteristics that establish "maturity," a state of being that is deemed good. Yet not everyone will reach maturity. Some will always follow their more base instincts and strive to dominate and subjugate their fellow man, living only for themselves. If not for the negative and social out-casting repercussions, the world would have little to no good left in it. Even now, we are in a transitioning phase in society where everything is becoming acceptable because mankind's overpowering desire to be evil is corrupting what it means to be "good"

  • Humans are Inherently self-prioritized beings.

    Human instinct, in its rawest form, is inclined to preserve the self. Evolutions suggests the rule "survival of the fittest", and therefore human's nature is too survive. Example: if a young child disobeys his parents, he doesn't have to be taught to lie; if he is aware that a punishment will come for his actions, then he will lie to avoid them. Lying is not a skill that parents teach children, yet they know how. Assuming we agree that lying is evil, then humans have an inherent ability to be evil.
    So, i would say that humans aren't inherently good or evil, but born with "survival instincts", which more often than not lean towards "evil" decisions rather than "good" ones.

  • The world is inherently evil.

    It's definitely harder to find good people in the world. It's so hard to be good when its much easier and cooler to be bad and be evil and do wrong. Todays world is infested with bad. We had the incident on 9/11 that showed how good our world is. And if that wasn't enough look back to the Holocaust when millions of people were killed for their beliefs. Complete genocide and we're gonna search for the good in the world? I don't think so. There are petty girls in school who drive each other to madness and we're gonna call the world good? People kill themselves because of the bad people in the world. There's no way I could honestly say that the world is good, because to me... It's NOT.

  • I say the world is evil.

    There is so much bad in the world and the list ceases to end. There are so many weak and corrupt minds that the evil in the world can and will overtake the good. Yes there are good people out there but with the inherently bad people out there to take them down there's no hope. Try as we might we can't stop the evil that infects the world.
    Can't stop, won't stop...

  • I Say Evil

    I believe humans are essentially greedy and are born and grow with the ideals to only serve their own needs. I think this shows in adulthood and it makes me believe that humans beings are essentially evil. Yes, we try to do good and we try to be good people, but we generally fail after a lot of effort.

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