• To a certain degree

    It has now been proved and observed that, although some activities out of human control such as solar flares, volcanoes activities, etc can alter the earth's temperature, human beings are responsible, by emiting CFCs, carbon dioxide, methane, to the increase of the greenhouse effect, which is, in the first place, a natural process, but that human activities have aggravated.

  • The experts agree.

    "The scientific opinion on climate change is that the Earth's climate system is unequivocally warming, and it is more than 90% certain that humans are causing most of it through activities that increase concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels." (wikipedia.Org)

    It seems that among the people who actually study this stuff for a living, humans are responsible for global warming. Of course, some people who don't actually study this stuff for a living seem to disagree.

    For my own part... From the garbage gyres in the oceans to the massive deforestation in the rain forests to the huge farms in the deserts, there is virtually no place on Earth that hasn't been affected by human involvement, yet opponents want us to believe that the atmosphere is immune to our effects? CO2 levels are higher than at any point in the past 800,000 years, possibly higher than they have been for the past 14 million years. So much for con's supposition that CO2 is a follow-on effect rather than a progenitor.

  • Global warming stop

    My second reason for how humans affect the environment is that they cause global warming. Some of it may be natural but most of it is not. The fumes from cars and transportation are responsible for global warming. Today, Experts agree that now earth has the highest carbon levels in 650, 000 years. Humans are responsible by emitting carbon dioxide, Solar flares, That can alter the earth’s temperature. Now because of that, A small part of the ozone layer has disappeared in Antarctica and so ice lands and glaciers are melting and animals living there like polar bears are having a tough time as their homes are melting.

  • I believe that it should be obvious that human beings are ultimately responsible for global warming.

    I believe that it should be obvious that human beings are
    ultimately responsible for global warming.
    Thousands of years ago, there was no such thing as global warming. The Earth has seen more drastic weather
    changes in the last century than ever before in recorded history. I believe this has all been caused by
    man-made technology.

  • Highest Carbon Levels in 650,000 Years

    Core samples taken from Antarctica a few years ago determined that the carbon levels in the atmosphere today are at the highest levels in 650,000 years. The only thing that has changed on Earth since then has been the advent and advancement of human beings. There has to be some kind of correlation, right? It's not about temperature fluctuations or a mini-ice age, it's about where the carbon is coming from. It's not from volcanoes, it's not from cows farting, it's from burning coal and car emissions.

  • Yes they are.

    Human beings are at least party responsible for global warming. Some of it may be natural but most of it is not. The fumes from cars and factories are mostly responsible for global warming. To say that these types of fumes, put out at the rate they are being put out, would have no effect on the earth is irresponsible.

  • To Some Degree

    I believe it is very obvious that our polar ice caps are melting and our glaciers are receding. I do believe humans have played a role in this, however I also believe we are still moving out of the last ice age as well. I think we will continue to see the temperatures rise, as well as the water.

  • Yes of Course. Just look at carbon dioxide emissions.

    Of course temperatures have been rising on earth for years. The averages temperature for the earth has been the highest humans have ever witnessed. It's not just heat but the winters have been colder and oxygen levels have been decreasing as carbon dioxide has been increasing. We aren't going to have a earth to live on if we keep doing what we have been doing.

  • Do we have someone to blame other than us?

    Yes. We are responsible for global warming because we live here on Earth. We are the ones who make the world go round. We are the ones who make use of Earth's natural resources. We tend to use it, which resulted to abuse. Humans,over time, became undisciplined and wasteful of those resources. This act resulted to pollution which greatly triggers global warming.

  • The Evidence is Clear

    Honestly, anyone who has a basic understanding of the Carbon cycle will know that humanity is the biggest contributor to global warming. Let me put it to you simply- you fill a glass with some water and measure the time interval it takes for all the water to evaporate.

    Now fill the glass with twice as much water as before and wait the same time interval. Guess what, not all the water is evaporated.

  • Most definitely not

    Saying that humans, one species, destroyed the earth is absolutely ridiculous. The earth has been through so much more, so I don't know why people think we destroyed the earth. It is ignorant to say that. What caused the ice age? Same thing with "global warming". It's all bull. Simple

  • Responsible = Major effect.

    There is strong evidence that we a simply at a high in the normal temperature cycle, likely dependent of changes in solar output

    We do not have nearly enough data to assign a causal relationship to anything.

    Read on for details.

    The net energy absorbed by earth is a combination of Total Incoming energy and efficiency of absorption.

    The total incoming energy is essentially the amount of solar energy that strikes the earth.
    The efficiency of absorption is reduced by several factors.
    1) Solar energy immediately reflected away from earth.
    2. Energy radiated away from earth.

    The theory of greenhouse gas causing global warming is based on the idea that industrial pollution (mostly CO2 ) is reducing the amount of energy radiated away from the earth and CAUSING a net increase in the amount of solar energy the earth absorbs.

    The claim that humans are responsible makes several assumptions.

    1. There is in fact a global temperature increase.
    2. No other factors are dominant causes in any temperature increase.
    3. This is not a cyclic and normal temperature variation.
    4. Humans have caused the changes that lead to this "greenhouse effect"

    Look at http://upload.Wikimedia.Org/wikipedia/commons/b/b8/Vostok_Petit_data.Svg

    This shows changes in temperature with peaks at +2 degrees above current every 100,000 years.
    This is without any possibility of human industrial cause (excluding last 200 years) and seems quite regular.
    Note that there also seems to be global minimums that reach -8 degrees with all of our history between these two points.

    These graphs also include CO2 and dist concentrations as measured from ice cores.
    Here are some interesting thoughts.
    A) It is equally possible that increase in CO2 is a result (not a cause) of warming as oceans release CO2 when warmed.
    B) Note that CO2 continues to go up even though temperature increases seem to have slowed or even stopped increasing.
    C) water vapor may be a bigger "green house gas" than CO2

  • Human beings have made the cyclic shift in climate much worse then would naturally occur but they are not actually the cause of the change in climate

    While humans have made the cyclic shift in climate much worse by their terrible abuse of the environment and lack of regulation and change continues to make the problem worse they are not actually responsible for the natural cyclic shift in climate which is termed "global warming." These cyclic changes have taken place regularly and are documented as occurring. What has changed is the large scale effect of millions of people dumping green house gases and other chemicals into the environment. This has changed the natural balance in the world and humans will continue to deal with the effect of the abuse of the environment for a very long time.

  • Zero evidence for Man made global warming

    There is no evidence that man is causing the earths temps to rise. Many point to CO2 but CO2 is a poor greenhouse gas. Due to its molecular structure it doesn't retain heat well. Not only that but in Al Gore's movie and the data shows that as the temperature increases, so does the CO2 levels. That is temp change precedes CO2 change, therefore CO2 is not causing the temps to rise! Not to mention that CO2 only makes up ~1% of the greehouse gases, and of that ~1% is man made! So, what is? Due to increased sun activity we get increased water evaporation. Now, water vapor is the largest greenhouse gas by volume and the most effective one to boot. So, next time you hear people talking about cars that emit only water vapor you better think again.. Cause that will infact add to the warming..

    Lastly, CO2 is essential to plant life. THe more CO2 the faster and bigger plants grow. This is proven scientifically. So in actuality, adding more CO2 could help with world hunger and feed our growing population. You idiots that want lower CO2 levels are actually hurting the planet more.

  • Blame the termites.

    Methane is a green house gas!

    Termite farts produce 20 million tonnes of methane each year:
    The primary impact of humans on termite methane is reduction of emissions through termite habitat destruction.

    Termites are bad, humans are good.

    Seriously though

    We don't know enough to make sweeping policy changes.
    We have some evidence of links between Green House Gasses and atmospheric and ocean warming. We have no clear proof of causality.

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