Are human rights an inherent aspect of the "human self"

  • Human Rights Inherent Of the Self

    Without a doubt, human rights are an inherent aspect of the human self. Since we can identify ourselves, we think that each one of us deserves rights. Collectively, humanity does deserve human rights with regards to each other, which is why we've developed human rights over the past few centuries.

  • Yes, rights are inherent.

    Of course every human being comes in to the world endowed with inherent human rights. However, it is a set of rights that we need each other to actually utilize, and unfortunately many humans think that only they or people like them are entitled to basic rights and so many in the world can not take advantage of them.

  • I Believe So

    I believe human rights are an inherent aspect of the "human self." People obviously become frustrated and angry when they experience a restriction on their rights, and while they may tolerate some restrictions or justify them at least, they won't put up with a lot. I think human rights are at the center of our being.

  • Everyone Needs Basic Rights

    Everyone has basic human rights including a right to life, liberty and happiness. As such, psychologically speaking, humans have a right to food, shelter, clothing and love. Basic human needs should be basic human rights for everyone. Living in poverty so you don't eat is a violation of basic human rights.

  • An objective morality

    There are certain liberties and rights that humans have been granted by whatever you want to call it - God, nature, a divine power - and the proof lies in the fact that society does not function as an anarchic, lawless place. There is an objective morality that all human beings feel obligated to obey not by nurture, but because it is incapable of having a society without them. These are human rights.

  • Human rights Inherent of the Human Entity.

    What is a right other than a concept of what we want to be happy? It seems to me that a right, like the right to live, is something humans feel they deserve. Yet, only a human is capable of conceiving deservingness for another object or creature. Nature can not dispense judgment of deservingness upon another thing. Nature moves in its way and takes and gives as it goes along. Human rights are something humans conceptualize to create order. Human right are rules that humans generally agree upon in terms of how to treat one another. This does not come from the self but the human society. Individuals do have a role but the idea of a human right is conceptualized by the human entity.

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