Are human rights organizations really effective?

Asked by: janu14
  • They are effective

    Human rights organizations are actually effective.This is because without these kinds of organizations many people wouldn't be aware of their basic rights.These organizations bring awareness to people by teaching them their rights.If rights have been violated they bring these cases into light.I think human rights organizations are really effective and needed.

  • No but it depends.

    Like the previous commenter said, they do bring awareness. I think compared to the past and thanks to technology, we are capable of knowing things that are happening in places we've never seen before. However, that is all they're doing: raising awareness and making people feel like they're doing something when it fact, everyone is sitting in their living-room, *hoping* for the best.

  • It really depends...

    Bringing awareness to something vs. Doing anything about it are two completely separate things. One could argue that, without these organizations, many people would be aware of their basic rights as individuals. But shouldn't that be the responsibility of the parents? The family? Friends? And if rights are being violated, who is violating them, and why haven't they been taught the same basic rights as well? Humans rights organizations are reactive organizations that aim to expose the truth by telling the public what has just happened, with hopes of having this exposure prevent it from happening again. But what about the violation? Was it remedied? No- it wasn't.

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