• Evidence says so.

    Humans are never satisfied with their conditions,They don't support any systems which work to make their lives better so some of us said,"its all because of lack of education" and we tried educating them but it is slowly failing also.Some humans are introverts and intelligent,they learn to sacrifice some of their freedoms to make others lives better but one such person is born with a thousand others who just want to destroy and be destroyed.

  • We Are a Plague

    Human society is acting very much like a plague on the earth right now. We are causing major deforestation, pollution of the seas, and habitat loss all over the planet. We are destroying natural ecosystems and making it hard for plants and animals to survive. It doesn't have to be this way, and maybe in the future we will change. However, for now, humans are definitely acting like a plague.

  • Yes, humans are a plague on the earth.

    A plague and an infection. In my opinion, we as humans are infecting the earth with pollution, litter, cursing, murder, stealing, and the list could go on. We infect our young children with these horrible acts, and they learn from it and repeat it. This is a perfect definition of a plague.

  • Agreed. But the plague would hopefully target stupid people.

    In my experience, Stupid people breed more. They have less concept of the consequence of having 3 to 13 children. Its much akin to the concept of the movie Idiocracy. They just have sex sex sex, Because its an immediate pleasure, And they don't seem to care what happens with their spawn later.

  • Look Up Please

    So many of us are blinded by emotion and tradition, Family values, Love and business. Yes we are the most intelligent species the planet has ever seen evolve, However, We have been blinded by religions and traditions created by our uneducated and bigoted ancestors. Look up and out to see reality and how small we are and how vulnerable our little planet is. Only global warming and stupid wars will bring reality to our species leaders and hopefully our individual offspring will be the ones to survive this. Think!

  • In greater numbers we are a disgusting destructive force, But humans in small numbers are just a part of this earth like other species

    Yet we are not in small numbers we should help achieve global peace by nuclear holocaust and annihilation. Thinking about how many vile evil bad corrupt worthless souls their really are is uncomprehendable

    No good has EVER come to anything becuase a human has been around. Your rebuttle is futile becuase we are the killing machines fuled buy GREED and evil. God (if exists) is a disgrace upon thy self for releasing such a force into existence

  • Earth needs a human cleansing

    In short humans thing the laws of nature don't apply to them. On top of that humanity hatred for just about everything is gross. We continue to destroy without caring about the after effects. Nature has tried to wipe out the plague of humans, but has failed thanks to humans being "smart" enough to outsmart it (for now). Plus humans in general are self centered, greedy, corrupted, apathetic and intolerant.

  • Yes, we are.

    One of the biggest reasons that humans are so because of our self centered nature. With great intellect, comes great responsibility. But have we done any of it till now? On a larger scale, hardly. Only in the past century we have started the kind of problems that have no solution. And all of it for what? Our convenience. That's just selfish. Many animal species have been wiped out, many are about to be. Scientists have been issuing warnings again and again but those in the position of power are hesitant to take any strong action because of political, religious or traditional reasons. Leader of the largest economy refuses to believe in global warming because it's bad for business. While technology has advanced rapidly in the past decades yet we are stuck with fossil fuels and plastic. Why? Because it's convenient. People want developments in medical science but don't want to change the root cause of medical problems. Humans have not even explored 10% of the oceans and yet we have managed to destroy a significant portion of it by dumping plastic in tones and size of countries in it.

  • Human thinking is the plague.

    What we call human thinking is the plague. It inherently separates, divides and then seeks to protect. If one simply looks at the word humanity itself. We have divided the species up in so many ways that when someone walks through the door of a public place we no longer see human being. We have a thousand names for what just walked through that door and that enables us to separate ourselves from others. In addition, it is our thinking that has told us we are more important, more valuable than all the other species we share the planet with. In particularly, religion thought has been horrifically divisive. How much property has been destroyed and how many people killed in the name of "love thy neighbor". Given all the thousands of years of admonitions like, thou shall not kill and thou shall not steal, it seems apparent that not a thing has been impacted. Indeed, this is what perhaps has amplified our problems. Our thinking it seems has provided so much but it may very well be the thing that takes it all away.

  • Humans Are A Plague

    We destroy everything. The Earth. The forest. The creatures. Even the ground we walk on. Our societies have become corrupt, our governments broken. It is too late to fix these problems. Even if we move to another planet, we will destroy it exactly the same as we have this one. We fight for everything. Land. Money. Fame. But is it worth it when the resulting outcome is destruction. The increase in disease is a message from the Earth itself. Its telling us that our time is up. We have built our dynasty high, and it will come crashing down upon us. Locusts are not a plague, we are!

  • What? No

    We're a species here. We are the dominating species just like an ant-type alien on another planet is perhaps dominating their human-like species. Natural survival of the fittest. We, as humans, are not a plague. Our actions, however, by destroying the environment, has nothing to do with us being human, but of us being ignorant of some facts.

  • No, humans are not a plague on the earth.

    While human presence on the Earth has no doubt affected the ecological balance, the existence of humans cannot be described as a plague. From a scientific standpoint, there is little confirmed evidence that human presence and industry has permanently affected the ecological balance. From a religious and social standpoint, violence is common throughout the animal kingdom, and is not a product of human society alone. The true answer to whether or not humans are a literal of figurative plague on the earth is heavily dependent on a particular person's views, however, and as such, the answer to this question may be more complex than a simple "yes" or "no".

  • No, that's a malevolent view and unsupportable.

    No, humans are not a plague on earth. That's not to say that they don't inflict much pain, suffering and horrible acts upon each other, but I believe that the majority of humans are not the type of which inflict those things. "Plague" is a strong word, and to me, indicates something from which one cannot recover. Humans are capable of horrible things, but they are not a plague.

  • F**k everybody here

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  • Only idiots! Lol

    Seriously, the idea of the Civil War being a racially egalitarian one is just plain silly. And nonsense about the war is spouted by both sides -- neo-Union apologists are dumb because they are clueless and actually throw in the "it was about racism" nonsense. And usually mix racism conversations with slavery conversations (which makes them totally stupid, and then they wonder why Americans are seen as stupid). Neo-Confederate apologists are dumb because they too throw racism into this -- also saying that the Confederacy was about states. It was a seperate country. Lincoln appointed a racist man to a prominent government position (Rowan Hinton Helper) -- what does that freaking tell you?

  • Life on Earth is improving.

    Human creativity and imagination exist in unlimited quantities and if we unleash them, we can solve most of our problems. Barrack Obama was right when he said "this is the best time in human history to be born for you are more likely than ever before to be literate, to be healthy, and to be free to pursue your dreams". No matter where you are from, "you can hold more information in your hands than the world's greatest libraries. Together, we have learned how to cure disease, and harness the power of the wind and sun".

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