• Humans are obviously still evolving.

    The idea that humans are done evolving is delusional and a complete rejection of common sense and elementary science. As long as we are still reproducing, we are evolving. That is how evolution works, the only we would discontinue evolving would be if we were to stop procreating. You have to be an uneducated mongrel to assert that our evolution is done and over. Evolution has no finish line. Its only finish line for a species is extinction.

  • Evolution can take place even with resistance and there is evidence to back up that argument

    The human race is able to evolve, as the opposition has stated. We have nearly eradicated lactose intolerance, we have worked on malaria resistance, and while natural selection has not been followed through on in our world, the human race is still able to evolve. We can continue to change as a race without natural selection. For example, the human race recently has been considered by scientists to be growing stupider but more accustomed to technology due to evolution. This is one of many examples in which the human race can still evolve, even if we resist it. Evolution will take place as our society continues to change, therefore making evolution unable to be truly and completely resisted

  • Naturally no. Through augmentations yes.

    We have conquered the harshness of survival from when we we're a hunter gatherer race to now a industrial technologically fuelled race. We have no need for natural evolution. We live on all corners of the earth, we thrive as a species and have no contender we are top of the food chain... The only way we would evolve now is with our intervention. It will not be long until people are trading in they're limbs for better stronger robotic prosthetics. Bionic eyes etc. Our next step in evolution will be us filling in our weaknesses such as strength, speed, hearing, eyesight. The next step of human evolution is making us as some would put it "cyborgs"

  • I shall agree with this

    We been evolving for millions of yrs and why are we bipedal? What if we were to be a quadrupedal once again? Who cares about extinction anyway? Japan needs people to be taken care of. Why did they leave japan to go to other countries, because it's dangerous that tsunamis form?

  • Most likely, for history proved it.

    History has proven time and again that humans and animals evolved: from apes to Homo Sapience Sapience. From mammoths to elephants. Even, from Sabre toothed tiger to cat. Or, from a helpless beings without claws to superior creatures with guns, and tanks, and all kind of crap that blows off objects from existence. Now, it is true that humanity's been... Less able than the old times, because of technology, and we are weaker than before. However, i believe that as we have for thousands of years, it is not our bodies that will evolve now, but intelligence: we will have an extra brain or a 6th sense, because we use our head so much. Soon, we might have a tiny body, but be so smart that we will calculate a supercomputer's level of problem in seconds.

  • With the help of technology

    Soon humans will take over their evolution through technology. People will be able to upgrade themselves into the lastest model of human if they have the money.

    Some of these upgrades will even be paid for by the government to prevent too much social inequality, but not all of the upgrades. I hope this development happens in my lifetime so I can have wings.

  • No for various reasons.

    Evolution only occurs when

    A. There is genetic diversity. Humans have this
    B. Some genes cause members of the population to survive better. Somewhat check
    C. The survival rate of some genes is higher than other genes.

    That last one is the problem. You see, with modern technology and surplus food, those with poor genes can continue to live and reproduce. So textbook evolution is not occurring in most human populations.

  • We are resisting

    Looking back on the evolutionary track, we can see that pressures within society have caused us to evolve- we have evolved to almost eradicate lactose intolerance, in Africa there is a high proportion of the population which is malaria resistant.

    However we are resisting natural selection, which is considered as the means of evolving, with the rapidly expanding medical field. Although it is not necessarily a bad thing that we are able to heal more, it is preventing us from evolving. If we consider birthweights, 50 years ago, the birthweight of surviving babies was had a much smaller standard deviation about the mean than now because we are more capable of treating them in such a way that they survive

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