• Some of us are

    I sometimes wake up in the morning with a panic attack because of thinking about the inevitability of my death. No matter what I do, how much exercise I get, how healthy I eat, what medicine or surgery I get, or what I do, I can't avoid dying. One of these days, I'm going to take my last breath, and I frequently wonder what it's going to be like when I can't take the next one, and that completely freaks me out. So yeah, some of us fear death.

  • Not the good ones.

    A good human isn't afraid of death when the time comes. They shouldn't just throw away their lives, but dying for something isn't bad. They aren't afraid. There are more people who are afraid of death than not, but not all are afraid of death. Every life has value. A life worth living is a life worth dying.

  • It's natural do be afraid of the unknown.

    It is in the nature of the humans to be afraid from the unknown. It is a biological trigger to keep people safe. I personally have felt fear of dying and know how much pressure can somebody feel due to this fear. Only the ones who are religious or don't care about anything in life are not afraid of death.

    Posted by: b222
  • It's the ending of our existance

    The phrase YOLO is there for a reason- you only get one life. And then everything is over. There is no more. So how could you not be scared of losing every single thing you ever had? Even if you deny, deep down I think everybody is a tiny bit scared of death, because it means saying goodbye to everything you've ever loved. Many people are religious only because they want the comfort that death isn't the end. But it is.

  • I wish there was a neutral button.

    This is not really a "Yes or No" question. Some people (Most people) fear death. Some people do not. Although, I believe, the ones who do not fear it, haven't experienced it, at least not really. Maybe they hallucinated, had a near death, or even after death experience, but it was just their mind. Death is not some fairy tale reincarnation, its not heaven or hell. It is eternal nothingness. It is the soul rotting in the festering void.

  • The vast majority, yes.

    Naturally we are afraid of death. It would make sense to me that unless you have experienced enough near death situations or have a unsuited mental capacity that you would not fear death. All humans fear death in the beginning unless born in brain abnormality. When growing up we can have things happen that change that but naturally speaking. Living creatures fear death.

  • It seems to be a common thought.

    I think it stems from a natural fear for the unknown - whether it be a shadowy alleyway, a masked stranger, or the concept of death. I have known some religious people who have their doubts because nobody is particularly certain with evidence what happens after death. An afterlife or nothingness?
    We can only guess as we have only known our individual existence since our births, not of anything outside that thought.

    That being said, some people are not afraid of death whether for personal reasons or philosophy. Apparently you either get more or less comfortable with the idea as you get older.

  • I know not all humans fear death because I do not.

    I once consumed twelve times the certain dose of a certain illegal chemical I will not bother to name. In the hours after the consumption, I witnessed many things, including the universe being born out of a chicken's egg, our universe being eaten by another universe, Jesus riding a hippopotamus to Wendy's, but the most important thing I witnessed was my own death. After I had died, I was reborn as a West African Black Rhinoceros. Since the West African Black Rhinoceros is not only my favorite creatures and one of the most elusive of the Serengeti, I do not fear death.

  • No, well I'm not atleast.

    The reason I do not fear death or even how I am going to die is because I am a realistic thinker. Logically it doesn't matter because once you're dead, that's it. You're not going to care once you're gone from existence are you? So why care now? It is inevitable, so just do something useful for humanity before that day comes.

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