• There are rules to how life is classified.

    The simplest of these rules is that classifications start broad and become progressively narrower. It never works in reverse. What this means is that once a life form is classified as an animal, everything single life form that descends from it will also be an animal. Therefore everything descended from a mammal will be a mammal. Everything descended from a primate will be a primate. Everything descended from an ape will be an ape. Now, orangutans are classified as apes. So are gorillas and chimpanzees. Of this group, gorillas and chimpanzees share a more recent common ancestor with each other than they do with orangutans, and therefore they share more common characteristics, but they're all still apes. Consider now that humans and chimps share an even more recent common ancestor with one another than chimps and gorillas share. This means that every taxonomic characteristic shared by chimps and gorillas is also shared by humans. Since gorillas and chimps share the characteristic of being apes, so too must humans. There is no way for descendants of apes to stop being apes. So yes, humans are in fact apes.

  • Is ultramarine a shade of blue?

    An ape is not a species, it is a higher order of taxonomy that is a collective term for a group of animals, just like big cats (includes tigers, lions, cougars etc). Do you deny a lion is a big cat because a tiger is? No! Why? Because they fall into a group of similar lifeforms where the anatomical, biochemical, behavioural etc. similarities are so close that it makes sense to group them together.

    Much in the same way apes contain gorillas, chimps, orangs, humans etc. There is no denying the biological similarities between these species.

    Ape is a man made word to classify a particular group of animals. It is not an insult to be termed an ape. To deny what you are is a bigger insult.

    Humans are apes.

  • Your beliefs are irrelevant to the truth.

    I'm really disappointed in the amount of "No" votes this question has. We absolutely are apes. That's a fact. You can't list every trait common to all apes without describing humans as one as well. Saying "We aren't apes, we're humans" is the equivalent of saying "Dogs aren't canids, they're dogs."

  • Of course !!

    Why not?? Just common observance of nantomy (ears, respiratory, digestive systems, hands) proves that we belong to same family..... Just google shaved chimpanzee and see the similarities for yourself... Chimpz use tools too.... Even if evolution is false(no fkin way) we are same family... Period haha ,,,, what a nice slap in the face of god!!!!!

  • It is obvious

    Of course humans are apes. What else would we be? We are so similar to the great apes that it's not much of a stretch to say we are just one more kind of ape. Even on the genetic level, it's pretty clear that the other ape species are our cousins.

  • DNA says we are!

    DNA does not lie! All the facts point to us humans being apes. We and chimpansees are more closely related to eachother then for example chimpansees and gorillas are. We count both chimpansees and gorillas as apes which inevitabily makes us apes, too. And there is nothing wrong with that!

  • We are not to good to be apes!

    We're members of the family HOMINIDAE plain and simple. Though our ability to reason is a bit special, there is not that big of a technological hump to get over to reason how to make more advanced tools than any other ape. Most of our other abilities and senses are puny compared to most other mammals. Our language is not ALL that special. Prairie Dogs can communicate an entire simple sentence in one sound and scientists will tell you that dolphins possess language (especially when sounds are charted by how often they occur) but they don't have a clue as to what they are saying. Also, in very predictable experiments with consistent outcomes, rats have been proven to be more empathetic and rational than both Republicans and Christians! Besides, could you imagine how awful it would be if humans were to walk around naked all the time? For crying out loud!

  • Humans are great apes

    I definitely remember hearing David Attenborough refer to homo sapiens as "great apes" a few years ago in one of his natural history documentaries. Humans almost certainly evolved from apes, ( as of course, evolution is technically still just a theory, ) but I would be extremely surprised if that turned out not to be the case.

  • Simple logical argument.

    It is a simple logical argument. If we use the term "ape" to describe chimpanzees and orangutans among other then we can not exclude humans from this definition. This is so because humans, chimpanzees and bonobos are more related to each other than any of these species are related to orangutans and gorillas. We can not use an umbrella term and exclude something that would otherwise fall under this term just because it considers us. It would be the same thing as trying to find an artificial reason why a lion is not one of the big cats because it is the king of the jungle.

  • Yes we humans are apes

    There are many things we have in common with apes that suggest that we are apes too, but only more advanced and smarter. We have the same blood systems. We get the same diseases. Both humans and apes lack external tails. The same bones are shared by humans and apes although it may differ in size. Both humans and apes kill other animals as a source of nutrition

  • Humans differ from apes

    Humans are too different from apes to be considered apes. For example, monkey's are not apes, yet they are also similar to apes. Among other differences, monkey's have tales, apes do not. Lemurs are also similar to apes, though much more similar to monkey's then apes. Thus as we may be primates, humans are certainly not any more apes than monkey's are.

  • Humans are not apes.

    Technically, regardless of how we came here, evolution or creation, humans are still another species. Now, I do believe in evolution, but even that says humans were evolved from apes and therefore are no longer apes. Modern humans are Homo Sapiens. Apes are in the genus Pan, Gorilla or Pongo. Some apes are in the family Hylobatidae. "Ape" refers to all the members of the superfamily Hominoidea, except humans, thus humans are technically a different species.

  • Humans are humans.

    We are not apes. We are our own distinct life form. If we weren't, then we would be in the trees picking bananas to eat. As far as evolution goes, why can't God have created science? I think we will never truly the know to answer to this question and believing what you want is key.

  • Of course not.

    Human beings are human beings plain and simple. Apes are animals that live on earth among humans and all other animals. For some reason people try to belittle mankind and make us more simple than we really are. We are not simple, we are special. Nothing else alive on this planet is like us. We all should be proud of our uniqueness and qualities. Not compare ourselves to animals.

  • DNA is irrelevant!

    Yes, so 99% of our DNA is that of an ape's!
    However, have you stopped to consider that 50% of our DNA is that of a banana's? That makes all humans half banana, and yet we aren't classifying humans as fruit.
    I think that makes the above point irrelevant, personally.

  • Humans aren't monkeys. We aren't apes, either.

    Umans are hominoids. Hominoidea is a taxonomic group. Phylogenetic systematics holds that taxonomic groups should be monophyletic -- meaning that they include all the descendants of one ancestor, and don't leave any descendants out. Humans are closely related to chimpanzees and bonobos, more distantly to gorillas, then orangutans, then gibbons. All these living creatures are crown hominoids. The Hominoidea includes all these, together with extinct animals like Australopithecus, Proconsul, Dryopithecus, and many others.

    Chimpanzees are apes. Gorillas are apes, as are bonobos, orangutans, and gibbons. We routinely differentiate the "great apes" from the "lesser apes", where the latter are gibbons and siamangs. Humans are not apes. Humans are hominoids, and all hominoids are anthropoids. So are Old World monkeys like baboons and New World monkeys like marmosets. All of us anthropoids. But humans aren't monkeys.

    What's the difference?

    "Ape" is an English word. It is not a taxonomic term. English words do not need to be monophyletic. French, German, Russian, and other languages do not have to accord with English ways of splitting up animals. Taxonomy is international -- everywhere, we recognize that humans are hominoids.

    In French, apes are singes. So are monkeys. In English we differentiate these terms. In both languages humans are different from other primates. Does that mean French is right and English wrong? Does it mean both languages are wrong?

    No, it means that colloquial languages have no problem describing paraphyletic groups. It is useful to have languages that can make these distinctions.

    If we must accept that humans are apes, then we must equally accept that chimpanzees are monkeys, and those awful parents at the zoo are right. I don't. I see value in precision about phylogeny, and for that purpose I have taxonomic terms. Humans are hominoids, and anthropoids, and haplorhines, and primates. And mammals.

  • We have a soul! Apes do not! I've gained wisdom learning the truth, and can't understand people believe this!

    It angers me how these false accusations are being taught to the kids today. It's been proven that Darwin was angry with the Anglican church, and wanted to prove that God didn't exist. I wonder why apes can't make documentaries by humans! I love all animals, beautiful creations by the living God! I will never give to PBS!

  • Totally different species created by God

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed life into his nostrils. He gave man a soul to separate him from the animals of the garden. God brought the animals to Adam so that he could name them. Thus he named the ape himself.

  • Humans are apes only by definition.

    Mother nature separated us from them. We will never be as closely related to them as we were in the past, or present. With each passing generations our species will continue to drift apart until our descendants will look at each other and not recognize one another as kin. It is worth noting that every living thing on the planet is related. We have shared lineage with every living thing on earth. If you go back far enough, you will see our common ancestor with dogs, plants, and even yeast. We should stop trying to divide the world up into neat categories. We are all alive and in this together.

  • Humans are not Apes

    There are too many differences to list all the reasons why Humans are not Apes, but the most important distinction is our pelvic bone structure, providing humans the ability to 100% of the time walk upright on two legs, versus only sometimes doing so for short periods, also our anatomy, and our dexterity and tactile abilities, and then our superior intelligence. Also the fact that humans are classified as Homo Sapiens, Apes are Hominoids. Even if humans did evolve from apes, we clearly are no longer apes - we lack too many of the same limitations that Apes still possess.

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