• I think people want less to do with each other

    There are 2 definitions of asexual, and they don't mean the same thing. So if we are going to biologically become capable of reproduction without a partner... I doubt it, but People do seem less interested in screwing a person of the opposite sex. IMO homosexuality is just one step passed masturbation. Love and sex aren't the same thing.

  • Yes. Sexual intercourse is outdated

    Sexual intercourse is out dated. There will be more advanced scientific methods to develop new generations without diseases and other weaknesses that we acquire as a result of natural conventional sexual intercourse. In normal natural breeding we cant specify or select good traits and eliminate bad traits. But in future we will definitely acquire the ability to engineer better humans in labs. Not by producing them in a conventional animistic manner.

  • Yes, and I am one

    Stop saying I don't exist, when I don't feel any attraction to either sex. I don't like sex, never have, I grew up thinking I was different, told by professionals I just would develop later; and that my interest in fetish porn could be contributing to my lack of desire in real sex. I believed this, I thought I was broken for a long time. I experimented so much, even though I could never get it up for the life of me, other people male or female just don't excite me. Their genitals look unappealing, I transitioned from straight to gay to bi to straight to gay to bi, trying to find a label that I never had. I was done a disservice, and it caused me to actually get sexually assaulted after constantly trying to seek out someone who could manage to make me function. I wasted a large part of my life, being misguided by people claiming they knew more about me, when I knew more about myself. I was told not to give my own feelings credibility in America, on the basis that what I'm saying just doesn't exist. I only jack off to fetish porn, that's how I get my sexual arousal. I'm 21 years old, and have not been able to find regular "normal" pornography arousing since. Whether it be gay, or straight or whatever, real intercourse just does not work, and I'm tired of people judging my existence on feelings they have never begun to wrap their heads around. It's sickening, and it got me sexually assaulted, fuck the other 50% you don't know me, and I will never know you. You ruined my development in away, you are no different than the homophobes and the religious zealots in my eyes.

  • Yes completely possible, probably happening as we speak.

    We are seeing a dramatic rise in transitional surgeries.
    We all have the need to look similar and this may be the cause. Could be the cause of homosexuality, asexuality (who don't like sex), trans-sexuality, and many more sexuality's.
    Our population is rising, and we really no longer need to re-populate. So our next step in evolution may be us transitional into one sexless race of human.

  • Absolutely, no doubt

    Women's voices are becoming deeper. Men's voices are becoming feminine (very much so). Our culture is constantly slamming men for testosterone related ANYTHING! Real men are becoming fewer and farther between. I could go on and on about the different sexes becoming more like each other (mainly feminine). The lines are getting blurred more each decade. I don't blame it entirely on our culture either. I think much is due to environment; everything from overuse of antibiotics to pesticides and herbicides in our food and drinking water.

  • Now Trending

    Yes, humans are becoming asexual. Many twenty-something year olds are stating they are becoming asexual. This is trending up in that age group. These are intelligent, well-educated adults, some of whom are cohabitating, perfectly content, in mutual asexual agreement. The trend may be based on busy life styles, but as a friend of mine explained to me, life is just less complicated that way, without emotional ownership and the histrionics that go along with it.

  • I have no idea how you can say this is valid

    Society is as sexually provocative and pushing the boundaries of acceptable public displays as it ever has been. Each day there's a new trending topic online with people in disbelief at how performer X was on stage last night practically naked. Gay rights are getting a push like never before. Sexuality is still a major part of our society and it's one that is constantly being tested with larger doses of it being displayed, not less.

  • No not at all.

    I don’t even think this is possible. We are hard wired from millions of years of mating to want sex. The amount of genetic change that it would take is crazy to even think about. We might like to think we are past evolution but the fact is those that don’t like sex doing have kids so the next generation is going to want sex just as their mom and dad did.

  • Not a chance

    Sure there are some asexual people out there but they are few and far between.

    The desire for sex and the drive for it is what has driven mankind for untold amounts of years, we are getting to a point where we are better able to contain our sexual feelings but we are not becoming aseuxals with no desire to have sex.

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