• It's sad but true.

    Society, not only in America but in the world as a whole have been moving more and more towards being immoral. You have people having abortions, no more kids, and they ending up killing kids with late term abortion. We have f@ggs marry each other and we allow our citizens who our drug addicts sitting around and not doing anything and collect welfare. Yes I do believe we are moving towards immorality.

  • Yes they are.

    Humans are becoming less moral because of what has become acceptable in common warfare and the way, at least American society has evolved into one where the less respect the better. There are instances in Egypt the citizenry has begun to use chaos and destruction to justify looting and public hanging instead of citizens arrests like they were asked by their president.

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  • Morality has declined in society.

    We are getting more immoral overtime. It is because we are being ignorant not caring what is happening around us. I believe technology has taken control of us, distracting us from our surroundings. We do not hold that significance as we used to. We humans used to pay attention to the world. Nowadays, people do not care anymore. For example, when Obama announced on tv, information about Al Qaeda, people looked up from their phones for a couple of seconds then went back to their phones. Like in Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury predicted the future of the society which is like our society today. People have been so caught up with technology they don't give a care in the world. Love has been lost as well.

  • Society is Definitely becoming more Immoral

    Decreases in racism, sexism, etc. are beneficial but do not match the destruction of morals in today's world. Where to begin...

    The overarching root cause, I believe, is selfishness, which is higher than it's ever been. Only open eyes are needed to see that society today actively promotes selfishness and hedonism. Life today is losing meaning. There's more to life than drugs and sex. Modern pseudo philosophy includes, frankly, garbage such as "live in the moment" or "just do what makes you happy", and people don't stop to think and realize that they're not as innocuous as they may seem.

    Cheating and divorce are increasingly high because people seem to have forgotten what 'love' means. We 'love' more things than ever (one's dog, selfie, some random attractive stranger, etc.), but love is more shallow than ever. This makes sense because selfishness cannot produce genuine love or loyalty. Instead of trying to work things out, when the going gets tough, people have become quick to look for someone else, usually without even ending the relationship. Opportunism. They don't care about rebuilding the good times they had; they are quick to make decisions solely on the present (live in the moment, remember). Social media encourages interacting shallowly with large numbers of people, in place of interacting deeply with fewer people. Loneliness and depression are higher than ever. The importance of community and family have been thrown out the window.

    Science, common sense, religion and morality are being shunned in order to fulfill some nonsensical social engineering project. At the end of the day, people need to realize that life's a game of give and take. You reap what you sow. Selfishness might work in the short term, but if you only think about yourself, one day you'll be left with just that.

  • YES, they certainly are!

    People are starting to do all kinds of disgusting, degrading stuff without expecting ANY weird remarks from others. It seems that they just don't care about how people view their pathetic and unsympathetic actions or any backfire from their evil actions. They will do anything to get what they want.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    I think that the world has become more immoral as a whole. I think that if one were to think and act on the basis of having a loving kindness towards everyone this world would be a better place. But of course that will not happen and some would even say that morality is subjective. Although I say to that is that being kind to one another and considerate of each other will always lead to the higher path. For example, I have seen a disturbing trend about trying to legalize prostitution. Everyone has a choice to do whatever it is that they want, but I could never bare to think that the person ordering an escort might be married. It is heartbreaking to think that you could potentially be the person to break up someone's marriage. It'll probably happen but I'd rather the two people in that marriage break it off themselves. Being cheated on is a terrible thing to go through why would you want to be a contributing factor to someone else's heartbreak? I have also seen that many women will say, "The wife should be mad at her husband and not the mistress." Yes I agree the cheating spouse has about 50% of the blame but it takes two to tango, the other person (regardless of man or women) needs to say no and mean it. How would the people that think that have their spouse cheat on them and tell us how they still feel afterwards? When put in the same shoes would they say the same thing? Then not only that, it seems to me that people are getting increasingly violent with each other. For others, their sense of entitlement is frightening, they believe that they are entitled to everything when not putting in and effort or work to gain whatever it is that they want and will hurt or destroy things or other people if things do not go their way.

  • Yes it is.

    The entropy of the material world and the mental world is increasing. People have less faith on morality but more on materialistic pursuit. Increasingly, people are focused on materialism and believe that their lives have no particular meanings or missions but to satisfy their greed and lust. The strong belief of self and everything crafted by self (e.G., desires, pleasures, envies, etc.) dominates our mental activities and behaviors. People don’t believe in the cycle of life, which suggests that both life and death are not eternal and either can be transformed to the other. The materialistic belief suggests that life is not eternal but death is – which further suggests that death is a simple way of getting rid of all the bad deeds/conducts. Materialism is fundamentally against cause-effect relationship in the mental world and confines cause-effect relationship only in the material world.

  • Of course it is.

    To see the difference, we can compare today's world to the 1930s. Although we have become more accepting of those around us (racism, sexism, homophobia), it would've been far better if it were complemented with an equally moral society. The value of sex and marriage and the love between man and wife (or man/man or woman/woman) has been completely lost. Teens losing their virginity in high school, extramarital and premarital sex are rampant (Ashley Madison, etc). Drug abuse and alcoholism is prevalent. By far the worst is increased pornography, rape and sexual abuse. Increasing numbers of people around the world are consuming these disgusting outlets of entertainment and enjoyment. The worst thing is that these are being perpetrated by the rise of the Internet. People can view pornograhy as long as they have Internet access, and the media keeps on spewing out garbage which supports these immoral acts. Unfortunately, there is no way back to morality for the world.

  • Yes they are.

    People are becoming less moral. It used to be that people had morals and they would stick to them no matter how hard things became because it was the right thing to do. That is less common nowadays. Now, people decide what they want to do and come up with reasons to justify their behavior. We have become a hedonistic society.

  • No, they are becoming immoral

    Since there are many factors affecting the immorality of humans including poverty, they tend to be less moral. We can observe that by watching televisions. We can see crimes around the news and it reflects on the society and on youth. Early pregnancy, divorce, are also the effects of immorality.

  • Our world is becoming more connected.

    Just 60 years ago we were fighting the nastiest war in all of mankind that killed millions and millions. Today, we are aware of crime all around the world and we are appalled by it as a world community. From the rapes in India, to the bombings in Pakistan, to the killing of Trayvon Martin in America. Since we are becoming more and more united, there is a global community of morality, not just personal morality. You don't have just a few people examining your actions, but 7 billion.

  • It Might Be Bad. But not worse.

    While we have things like the internet, where anyone can be bad, and sometimes get away with it. It isn't as bad as a long time ago. Where slavery was ok, woman were treated like property, ect. So no, I do not think humans are less moral, but the people who still are bad, can really stand out and hurt a lot more.

  • Of course we are not

    If anything human beings are becoming more moral, as we are starting to move away from forming societies for survival purposes and starting to form societies which have the potential to thrive. We are, however, moving away from more traditional societal constructs of morality, which are often involved with religion. This is very beneficial as it allows people to develop real senses of right and wrong as opposed to just being told what the, more often than not misguided, group they were born a part of believe.

  • Of course we are not

    If anything human beings are becoming more moral, as we are starting to move away from forming societies for survival purposes and starting to form societies which have the potential to thrive. We are, however, moving away from more traditional societal constructs of morality, which are often involved with religion. This is very beneficial as it allows people to develop real senses of right and wrong as opposed to just being told what the, more often than not misguided, group they were born a part of believe.

    Posted by: Bary
  • Tolerance is not immoral

    People do not support a chaotic, hedonistic, ultimate end of days evil future for our world. Look around you. Unless you are in a war torn country you see people living their lives, getting by, or maybe even enjoying themselves peacefully. We know about the world's atrocities thanks to media attention to them and the increased globalization of our society but that does not mean that people's humanity is lessened. The world doesn't need religious prosecution. It needs tolerance. And generally people understand that. So they rely less on scripture and more on kindness, especially in parts of the world being subjected to violence. Remember, the world is more at peace now than it has ever been.

  • Of course not!

    There is no reason to believe that humans are becoming less moral. First of all, morality itself is subjective and therefore subject to cultural notions about proper behavior, each of which may or may not change over time. Furthermore, many of the arguments postulated to support the hypothesis of a more immoral world -ie, premarital sex, financial practicality, drug indulgence, sexual freedom, tolerance, pornography- are inherently flawed because they assume that these actions are all considered universally immoral, which of course they are not. In fact, I strongly believe that it is much more immoral to deny freedoms and rights to an individual based upon one's own morality. In addition, the provided statistical analyses do not take into account a MUCH higher rate of reporting, a larger and longer-lived population, and the influence of abstract socio-cultural mores on behavior. Finally, to suppress one's own true self can be described as immoral because you are presenting a false face to the world, masking your hedonistic human nature. So go, my friends, and engage in drunken revelry! Because your ancestors did the same, and there is no objective reason not to (as long as you are not harming yourself or others, that is).

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Quan says2013-06-19T02:49:47.420
Previous generations would act exactly the same way if they were shielded from the consequences of their own actions as much as we are today. It's human nature. You are not witnessing the collapse of human morality, but the collapse of our civilization.