• Yes, many people are too dependent

    Yes, I have to agree that many people are becoming too dependent on technology. From simple things, like adding numbers in their mind vs. on a calculator, to more complicated tasks like planting a garden, humans rely on gadgets. In America, hardly anyone walks or rides a bike, people want to drive everywhere, even for a short distance. I don't know how many people would survive if technology suddenly disappeared.

  • Technology is becoming a crutch for humanity

    The world is evolving to incorporate technology into every facet of our lives. Because of this new reliance we are losing the abillity to take care of ourselves in an organic and all natural way. Just look at how GPS systems have changed the way we travel. People can't even read a map anymore.

  • Yes I support

    Now a days people are too dependent on technology for everything take examples for our day to day life like earlier when there was no lift people used stairs to climb up but when lifts were invented people started using lifts more frequently than stairs as a result there is no much exercise in lift than stairs. Stairs helps people to reduce their fat but not lift. So, Because of technology people are becoming lazy.

  • Yes we are

    We rely on cars (whitch is a form of advanced technology) to take us short distances,ones we could easily walk or ride a bike. Not only is it making us humans more lazy,but we're also ruining the planet. This is presented to you by amber oppel,have a lovely day, bye.

  • Yes, I support

    Now a days people are too dependent on technology for everything take examples for our day to day life like earlier when there was no lift people used stairs to climb up but when lifts were invented people started using lifts more frequently than stairs as a result there is no much exercise in lift than stairs . Stairs helps people to reduce their fat but not lift . So, because of technology people are becoming lazy.

  • Meh no no

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  • I beleive yes.

    The other day I saw a man listening to music walking his dog on a freakong hoverboard. We are becoming over dependent and we will all be obese in the future ahead of us. We will all be like people from Wall E. I beleive we will all be dead in like 20 years because of our over dependency of tech.

  • Because yea yup.

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  • Humans are too dependent on technology

    For many information we use only computer so we are very dependent on computer now days we are becoming lazy so it is not good but we are doing such work .But when we use book to find we get more information .But most of the people use technology thank u

  • Losing communication skills

    Texting more then we talk. For example, more breakups happen over social media then break ups that happen face to face or over the phone. We are also losing our memory because our phones remember everything for us, like contacts, adresses, names, locations and pretty much anything else. I think ive made my point

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  • Advanced Technology Advantages

    If we were not dependent on technology, more lives would not be saved medically. Due to advanced technology such as CT, MRI, and Ultrasound, physicians are able to detect medical conditions quicker. And from a legal standpoint, more crimes are solved due to technology advances in law enforcement and forensics.

  • We are not

    Human beings are not so dependent on technology because technology is used to make our work easier and efficient. There are so many things which can be done with hands but technology makes that work easier and saves lot of time and each and every person wants to save his time so that they can utilize their time in other work that doesn't mean we are dependent just the difference is we are moving forward according to time in short technology makes a person smart on his work.

  • We are not.

    Technology helps us in different ways such as a electric wheelchair and a CT scan. Yes we are dependant on technology but we use it for the greater good. Since the body scanners in the airport are technology too and without that we don't know if the person on a flight has any weapons and drugs. It's the person who can choose whether to use it everyday in their life.

  • We are not.

    People may use technology more than in the past; however, that does not mean that without technology we would be clueless as to what to do. Without the technology we have, you wouldn't even be able to say you opinion like this to so many people at once or do other things that involve technology that make life easier. We have the technology, we can have the right to use it.

  • No, we are not.

    Throughout many recent years, technology has provided a means to be dependent upon from alarm clocks to cellphones to vehicles, all making life easier. While this dependence is evident, implying humans are becoming “too” dependent on technology suggests detrimental ignorance without technology in the areas in which we use it. Yes, nowadays it is more common to substitute a text message for a letter or a call for a face-to-face conversation because it is easier, not because we don’t know how to communicate otherwise. In fact, technology has enhanced archaic forms of communication, such as written word and ever prevalent face-to-face conversations, with quick and easy innovative communication channels varying from cell phones to Skype. According to TeleGeography, In 2013 alone Skype accommodated approximately 214 billion minutes of international calling providing communication experiences that would otherwise be lost in the days awaiting the arrival of a letter from the Pony Express Other claims express the concern that technology has contributed to a decrease in information retention and has even contributed to making some “stupid.” According to Dr. Richard C. Mohs, a distinguished researcher and Stanford University graduate, information processing occurs in three main stages: encoding, storage, and retrieval. In this process, memory is stored and later retrieved according to the method of encoding in which we associate picture, sound, or meaning to the information showing no importance in the source of which the information was received, technologically or not. In regards to technology use among grade students contributing to stupidity, studies show that using technology enablement within classrooms promotes an active style of learning in which the student actively participates in receiving information rather than the passive role of transmission by a teacher . We use technology because we can and it is easy, but we are not becoming “too” dependent upon it.

  • We are not.

    Humans are not becoming too dependent on technology. I say this because we have always used technology to make things easier. What most people do not realize is that spoon, forks and even knives are considered a form of technology. Are you saying that people are too dependent on those and should eat with their hands?

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