• Only in some ways.

    We used to be prey, Believe it or not. Our only advantages were our brains and thumbs. With those, We built complex societies and technology. When it comes to evolution, We've come a very long way; arguably farther than most other species. We're super successful, Too. Biologically speaking, Maybe not. We have no natural defense, Our senses/instincts are only "meh". "Better" is too relative. It really depends on your interpretation of the word.

  • Why would they be?

    I get that humans are civilized and we like to say that we’re the most intelligent species, But does that make our lives more valuable than those of “lesser beings? ” Humans experiment and test products on animals while claiming that lives of our own species have infinite worth (@Kant). We think differently than those animals, But do they suffer any less? We more easily empathize with beings that look like us, And that explains why we care more about human experimentation, But what about an intellectual statement on the value of human life vs animal life? What reason is there to believe that humans are worth more?
    I’m asking. I really want to know.

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