• Human is better than robot

    Human is better than robot because Human has mind and thinking of future making decision so that more good society. Robot is just working and this is program made by human. Human has idea and creativity to make system but job is replace like a army search planet explore something using drone. In the future we can see more robotics job but Human is better.

  • Human Creativity exceeds

    Human beings are better than robots because we have the ability to reason and create. We appreciate beauty and art. Furthermore we are guided by moral guidelines in everything we do. A robot is merely the machine used by humans. How we choose to use these machines is in the end all that will count. Whether for good or evil. Human beings have imagination and are able to dream which means we have the capability to be ever moving forward with new ideas and technology. Robots simply codify that which have been programmed in them, Nothing more. Just like a desktop computer can only run on the program that his or her programmer has installed it with.

  • At the moment.

    But don't expect human superiority to last for much longer. Ask this question again a hundred years from now and you might have robots responding for themselves. It's material evolution at the end of the day and fundamentally robots are made of the same stuff as us. Only flesh and blood aren't particularly durable and may not stand the test of time.

  • I will go with yes.

    Robots can't be better than humans because they do what they are programmed to do, They can't take decisions on their own. Its humans who created robots not the other way around. They could be better than us in calculations and physical strength but they will never overcome mental power of humans.

  • I have to say no.

    Most reassons that i prefer robots over humans is robots making better assassins, Making better soldiers and army, Making better villains, Making better contract killers, Making better murderers, Making better ninjas, Making better fighters, I prefer japanese robots over american humans, And i prefer robot martial artists over human wrestlers.

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