• Yes, humans are born good.

    Human beings are born as mostly good creatures, according to research reported in Psychology Today. With that noted, humans are born with the capacity for both good and evil. Ultimately, the circumstances and the experiences faced by an individual determine how good or bad, moral or immoral, that person ultimately becomes.

  • People are Born Good

    Every baby comes into this world as a good person. The baby is godly and pure. However, the innate goodness doesn't last long. The forces of evil, which are just as real on earth as the forces of good, start to present conflict in even young children. We can see a young child stealing a candy or pinching a sibling, and then looking innocent. This is the start of the struggle between good and evil with which every human being has to deal throughout life.

  • Humans are born good.

    If one buys into the notion that humans are inherently good and only a few become corrupt, then it stands to reason that humans are born good. Although the concept of Original Sin suggests that people are born bad and must be converted to good, there is little logic to support this. Newborn babies have done nothing but breathe at the time of birth, which is not a sin.

  • Humans are born with sinful natures.

    According to the Bible, humans are born with sinful natures, and hence our need for salvation. Even for people that do not believe the Bible, observations show that many, if not all humans, commit immoral acts such as lying, cheating, stealing, slander and violence at times in their lives. At the very best, humans are a mix of good and evil, rather than good.

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