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    Ooooioh yeah so i have to write 48 more words so i am just going to drag this out. FORTNITE I am God at Fortnite I hold the world record longest legit snipe in playground. 1167 meters first try with a golden heavy sniper. I also have the webrella and my friend is pist about it so LOL

  • God Loves Us

    There are so many arguments that God loves us, but He only chose some of us to go to Heaven with Him. If God loves us He wants heaven as full as He can possibly get it. After the Atonement, Christ had us forgiven for Adam's Transgression, so there are no sins for children to be guilty of when they're born. God loves us, so He forgave us.

  • Yes humans are born innocent.

    Humans are for sure born innocent because when you're a newborn or a baby you don't cause any trouble or mischief. The only thing babies do that is bad is cry and scream which is expected at that phase. Besides that babies laugh and smile a lot and are very cheerful and filled with joy too. Christians wrongly believe that humans are born with "original sin." "Original sin" is actually something humans develop because something always makes you evil and bad. There are two examples in religion that demonstrate by opinion rightfully. The first one is the creation of Adam and Eve in the chapter Genesis of the Bible. Adam and Eve were naturally good and weren't born in a sinful nature. When Eve ate the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad that the serpent offered and then gave it to Adam that's when they both became bad. The second example is the angel Lucifer, also referred to as the Devil or Satan, was originally a good angel that followed God. With time, Lucifer felt neglected and ignored and essentially turned evil and demonic. Lucifer felt God wasn't paying any attention to him and didn't favor him. This made him rebel against God and turn against him in the end. Lucifer persuaded other angels of God to be enemies with God because he was bad and evil from Lucifer's perspective. Both of these examples come to show that despite what religious people believe about the fact that humans are born evil it's actually something that's developed in life from a negative event.

  • Yes they are

    With the innocence of us being born, we see bad we do bad, we see good we do good. Otherwise, many other kids when they're going up they might hang out with the wrong type of people that really don't care about what is going on in life or how you are suppose to be in life in order to have and show respect. Many of the times the kids are that way maybe because of the parents not really showing love and care to their children or maybe because there family and friends act that way and we tend to think it okay.

  • Yes we are all born with pure innocence

    From by standpoint, I would have to argue that human beings are born with complete innocence because we have no control over what sins may have been done in the past. In agreement with the others on my side, we are born with the inability to comprehend right from wrong, resulting in accidental sins at a young age. We are also like sponges in the sense that we can take it information or act just like our models and in return continue the same mistakes until someone finally decides that something is right or wrong and in that case we can act upon the mistakes and always grow better.

  • Yes humans are born ininocent.

    Humans are born innocent because they have yet to be able to commit any kind of sin. They are still pure and until they are able to start lying and cheating there is no way that they could possible have committed a sin so therefore they are born into this world innocent.

  • Yes

    I don't really believe in "original sin." Just because Adam and Eve did something wrong doesn't mean every child is subsequently born damned. I do believe that every human being will sin very early in life, but I also think that a lack of understanding of right and wrong prevents the very young from being subjected to hell if they die. I believe this is why some religions have an "age of reason" (I have heard both seven and fourteen used), which is the point at which a person is expected to have a reasonable grasp of right vs. wrong. I find it unlikely that infants would be blamed for others' mistakes.

  • We're Not THAT Evil!

    How can you possibly argue that humans are NOT born innocent? They haven't ticked a single hour on the "existence outside the womb" timer to perform any actions that could cause them to lose their innocence. There is the argument that we al are born with "original sin", but what exactly does that mean anyway? That we're constantly trying to right some sort of wrong that we can't fix? I'd rather believe that we start out innocent and maybe lose some of it over time through experiences we have, but that's life.

  • Yes humans are born innocent

    How could they not be? What bad things or mean spirited things can an infant child do? Their brain isn't fully developed yet! There's nothing they could do evil, they don't know what they are doing at that time. Only when they do know can they do bad. So yes all humans are born innocent, it'd be impossible for them not to be.

  • No

    People aren't born innocent nor guilty or any sort of sin. If nothing has been commited, there is nothing to define who they are and their innocence cannot be proven. They are indifferent to any sort of judgment, they just are until they show actions to be judged upon.

  • Ever watch a child?

    Children at a very young age start to deceive (lie), your NOT paying attention if you don't notice this. Secondly it's in the Bible that children have the sins of their fathers till the third generation, although that's mostly, how imperfect parenting causes problems for generations. Really you can catch a child red handed, but they still deny(You'd think they learned that from Trump), but ithey aren't that bad since they are innocent, as they haven't been able to put bad motives together yet. Mostly young children deceive to advoid getting into trouble, not a long thought out process with bad intentions.

  • Absolutely Born Innocent

    Adam was created sinless and his DNA did not change because he sinned, so it is impossible for a child to be born with sin. Adam sinned by making the wrong choice, via the use of his free will to choose. If a person's DNA changed every time they made a wrong choice, some people would destroy themselves in short order, while others who don't make bad choices would become angels and fly away to heaven without dying. The "original sin" philosophy is just another excuse people make to try to justify their evil actions.

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