• Mmm, Noetic Sciences!

    Noetic Science is basically the study of how brainwaves can affect the environment. When brainpower > white noise/other forces, brainpower can make changes to the world around it. This is why experimentation must be done in an electromagnetically shielded lab where the scientist's brainwaves are the most influential force, beside gravity.
    If an incredible mass of people collectively and undistractedly focused on attempting to change the weather (like, during a worldwide power outage or something), it may actually happen.

  • Either your title is misleading, or your link is...

    Humans are capable of manipulating the weather. This is a fact. This is most commonly, and just about exclusively, seen in cloud seeding, of which there are three kinds. (Read more at:

    It's even a military tactic, though not a legal one, as it has been outlawed by the Geneva Conventions. America used it to some degree of effectiveness in Operation Popeye. (http://www.Opsecnews.Com/operation-popeye-weaponized-weather-during-vietnam-war/)

    TL;DR, Humans can control the weather, but only to a certain degree, at least directly. If your question is pertaining to Climate Change, I suggest re-wording it, so that is made clearer.

    By the stars and knowledge, I shall seek only the truth.

  • They can’t control the weather

    Reason being cause it scientifically impossible to control the way it works. Haarp is an the largest radio wave system on the planet. The thing isn’t it only send it in one spot of the atmosphere which is the ionsphere. Which causes the other layers to have to make up for it. Just like u can’t make a cloud, 66% chance of causing acid rain cause of the chemicals used. U can’t control if it thunders or lighting cause, u can’t remake the speed of light or the break the barrier of sound without damaging somethings. For the time well being the world is ending in ways that something big is coming, we are within a black hole which can turn active anytime it wants. I’m a student at an central lakes college

  • We Only Wish

    Humans are small. The world is big. We only wish that we could control the weather. On this earth, humans are tiny little things compared to the vast atmosphere that stretches for miles above the earth. There is nothing that we are doing that could control the world's weather. Humans have big egos and they would like to think they control the universe, but they need to realize how small they are.

  • No, humans are not capable of controlling the weather.

    Humans are not capable of controlling the weather with current technology. However, humans are capable of influencing weather change. Global warming, for example- caused, in part, by humans, is changing weather patterns across the globe. Also, winters are getting colder and summers are getting hotter due to human-caused ozone depletion.

  • No, humans are not capable of controlling the weather.

    In my opinion, having the ability to control something is much different from having the ability to influence something. Yes, we can do many things to influence our weather but control is not in our hands. If it were, we would not have nearly as many weather-related casualties and deaths.

  • Humans are not able to control the weather

    Humans are not able to directly control the weather through their will or their actions. Mankind can impact weather patterns by its continued reliance on fossil fuels and resulting global warming. And mankind has a choice on whether its continues to accelerate global warming or to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. But no, we do not control the weather.

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