• Yes, for the most part

    I think that humans are creatures of causality. I think that a lot of things that people do are based upon prior experiences from their past. For example, one might be abusive to a loved one because that is what they experienced growing up. Otherwise, they likely would not act the way they do.

  • Yes, we are creatures of causality

    I believe that there is reason to consider humans to be creatures of causality. Humans generally believe that events are the result of other past events, and are all somehow connected. Even if an event seems to be independent of everything else, we still try to figure out what could have led to such an event happening.

  • It's Not Like Other Species Are All Sunshine And Roses

    Humans focus on human violence because it affects them the most, not because humans are somehow the most violent race. Animals battle constantly over food, mates, land, and everything else humans battle over. The only reason they don't cause as much damage is the lack the intelligence to create weapons of mass destruction.

  • Causality Defined by Life Itself

    Discussion of causality is regularly covered in the field of Western philosophy since the time of Aristotle. Human creature are uniquely self-determining individuals. Each individual creates a personal story within the culture in which they find themselves. Causality occurs when study leads to a diploma, or shopping leads to a meal. While some individuals do experience very tragic life events, no individual is bound by those experiences. For every person who claims to be controlled by their personal history, there are countless examples of those who triumphed over adversity to contribute mightily to civilization.

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