• Global warming, extinction, communism, etc.

    Earth is on the path of environmental collapse. The human spirit of greed and arrogance is causing this once beautiful planet to turn into a graveyard. Humans are causing global warming by carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions from vehicles, by building nuclear power plants, using coal as an energy source, etc. We are not only causing global warming, but we are also causing the extinction of dozens of animals EACH AND EVERY DAY because we cut down rain forests and destroy the natural habitat of billions of animals. I am a moderate supporter of socialism if it is lead by the right person, but socialism can easily turn into communism with the wrong leadership. Soviet Russia and Cuba nearly became communist nations. Look, we are destroying Earth, the human spirit of justice and equality, and the idea that Earth is the blue planet in the solar system. My friends, if we continue this bigotry, Earth may become the gray planet in the solar system. So, the next time you need to throw something away and there is no trash can, keep it until you find one. When you see litter on the ground, pick it up and dispose of it properly. Do not keep your car running when you are parked. Don't mess around with ant colonies and bee hives and simply leave them alone. Don't take nature's gifts of honey and milk for granted. Appreciate them.

    My friends, we can change it. We can change everything.

  • YES they are

    There polluting the air
    In china you need a mask because the air is polluted and the sky is yellow well close.
    100 out of 40 of water is exterminated.
    The ozone layer in the arctic is patched.
    Guys I don't get how there's 4 people saying why the human race is not destroying earth.

  • Just one more human

    The only thing of importance on the planet is the continuation and propogation of Humans. Everything else comes in second place.

    One person is of more value than an entire population of any other species.

    Little regulates our own population dynamics, and as such we are a victim of our own success.

    The only future we have at present is to populate other worlds, or ultimately suffer decline and face extinction as we use up our own resources, or damage the environment to a point it can no longer sustain our own species.

    But here in also lies are achilles heel, we suffer from over confidence and believe we can produce technology to solve all problems.

    Only time will tell, but the clock is counting; and the future looks bleak.

  • Earth and Humanity

    Humans are the only species that has launched atomic weapons into our atmosphere as tests,(which could have ignited the hydrogen in the earth's atmosphere tearing apart the Ozone and killing every human on the planet). We have also exhausted a large percentage of the Earth's drinkable water supply and are slowly destroying the Earth's natural climate and ozone. Humans are populating the planet to fast for the natural resources of the Earth to replenish. We are Dooming the planet and every species on Earth because that's human nature. We are better at destroying things rather than creating things. Anyway the answer is that humans are going to need to colonize a new planet and start from scratch because the Earth is already on the first class seat to destruction


    Think of Japan and china, they have to be wearing masks just to stay healthy. If you did science in school you would learn about the ozone hole and see that we have holes in our ozone holes that is because we, as humans, are polluting the air with sprays. End of Discussion.

  • We are indeed destroying our own homeland, but not directly...

    Ever since the creation of power, and the existence of cars, have we been negatively contributing to our demise. Our lifestyle is the cause of which the ground we stand on will soon crumble in hot rock. But it is because we need to. We are doing so unintentionally. Yes, we do need to find a way of saving our world from becoming the next Krypton, but if we were just to stop doing everything that would or is causing Earth to crumble, we humans wouldn't be as prosperous as we are now today! We would be riding bicycles, always missing our meetings, and constantly needing to go to the library.

    I sided on "humans are destroying Earth," because that is what's happening. Yes, we are depleting our ozone layer. Yes, we are creating harmful CO2 emissions. Yes, we are leading to our own destruction, environmentally and politically. However, we have to use our time properly, as because we just can't give up our daily life. We must find ways to get around that. Instead of doing things now and face negative 'Human' consequences, by spending time, we can find a way to save the environment, without affecting humanity.

  • Selfishness destroy nature

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  • Humans are selfish

    Selfish people are destroying nature .................. Pollution , deforestation, .............Etc destroy nature we need to protect nature raising voice against nature e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

  • It's obvious to a painful end.

    For a species with a capability for cultural, social, AND technological evolution, its really degrading to think about the gross injustice we have manifested into our own shackles. If we as a race have found normality in our own self-destruction, then there is no hope for a prosperous future, and especially not a world tilled with the respect such deserved. But, let's just keep not caring about anything except momentary happiness, it's gotten us so far already.

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  • Humans are a part of Earth as much as anything else is.

    Humans were born with reason and intelligence. So why is it so odd for us to assume that our ability to create, invent, and build is "unnatural"? Why do we possess a higher level of reason and intelligence than any other creature on this planet then? It is human nature to for the mind to develop and thus come up with ideas to create. Obviously, it's in us, so why rebuke it? Of course we should be able to limit ourselves as too much of anything is never good. But to say that humans are destroying the Earth is overdoing. Humans are part of the Earth, and the Earth is a part of us. Creating and building is what we do. We are not unnatural. Besides, I believe that too many people tend to underestimate the Earth and its capabilities. The Earth has a way of taking care of itself when necessary. Trust this, we'll sooner die out before the Earth does.

  • Humans add VALUE to the world

    Heck NO human's aren't destroying the Earth, we add VALUE to it. For example, worthless iron in the ground does nothing and is useless, until man comes along and makes buildings and medical machines out of it. We also admire and value animals, but animals only see each other as food sources or a threat. We have created amazing art and incredible music, and some of the most amazing things this Earth has ever seen. We will also expand into the solar system, where there are abundant resources, and then to the stars. Yes humanity has good and bad, but to soley focus on the bad is incorrect. People who think animals are somehow better than humans are in reality "human haters"; I have run into this alot in the real world, and its sad. Humans will help keep species alive, create new animal species, and even bring back ones from the dead. Something like 95% of all animals that have ever existed on the Earth are already extinct, but we can bring them back. Simple kindness's to each other also makes humanity stand apart from the animals. We add value to the Earth, its resources, the globe, and the environment. Every "mistake" we make (like plastics in the sea or nuclear waste) will eventually be solved/resolved. The more people there are, the more problems are solved and the more creative we are. Stop hating humans and start seeing our amazing potential.

  • No, we are not destroying Earth. We are part of it.

    From time to time I see this question or argument. That somehow what we are doing is different, from what all the other organisms do. Not at all. We borne, we live, we reproduce an die, just much more effectively than others. Indeed thanks to our existence and lifestyle thousands of species may go extinct, and we changed the planet beyond recognition. But is this truly destruction? Life utterly changed the majestic and unique Earth. Everything before life, how Earth originally looked like is gone. Bacteria and plants break up rocks and turn it into soil. Is this destruction? Elephants destroy whole forests and aid desertification. Billions of years ago the first oxygen producing microbes killed almost 99% of life. Without them modern multicellular life would not exist or not in this form. Was this destruction? Or part of life? We are part of nature, everything we do is natural. A skyscraper in Pretoria is just as natural as a termite mud tower. Some species are more fit for their environment. Would you save one, that another killed? Would you punish North-American animals, because they made most of South-American animals extinct in the exchange? There is no objective morality which is sufficient to condemn humans. Besides, without us life has no chance of survival once the Sun dies.

  • It is as it is

    Human beings are a part of this life. The ecosystem of Earth is made up of many things. We just like over flattering ourselves with all this "I did it !"-Talk... Life is an experiment that will continue for as long as God wills! Let us just enjoy, respect, honour and try to give back a little!

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  • We may be damaging it but we don't use the death star to blow it up of corse not

    We do not own super star destroyers or a Death Star or star killers base but seriously that warming is mostly natural comon guys it's been much warmer before like Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum the interglacials are getting colder like Eemian interglacial was colder than Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum but hotter than now And the current ice age is major getting colder this is a mere interglacial so the next glacial maximum very soon hopefully because I really like the cold will again rise to be colder than its predecessor glacial this warming is slowing and will reverse I can feel it if you like the cold and your with me CLOSE THE ITHUMUS OF PANMA THATS WHAT helped the last glacial maximum

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