Are humans essential to the continuity of the universe?

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  • No not really.

    Humans are not essential to continuing the universe because it was around long before we came around and probably will remain so long after. Not to mention we know almost nothing about the universe and often speculate but have no hard evidence. That means we are not contributing a whole lot to it.

  • That's pretty unlikely

    While we'd certainly like it to be true, the vastness of the universe and how long it's existed without us make it pretty unlikely that it needs us to keep going. As it stands right now humans are a small footnote in the history of the universe, and that's probably how it's going to be when we run our course.

  • Humans are not essential

    The universe is so big and vast that it is almost impossible to comprehend. There are millions of galaxies and we are just a tiny little speck on one planet in one solar system in our galaxy. If humans went extinct, the universe would still live on. The question is, are there are species out there that can appreciate what the universe is if we do.

  • No We're Not

    I do not believe that humans are essential to the continuity of the universe. It is very obvious that the Universe existed for a large span of time, before we even evolved, therefore if it survived before without us, then it could survive in the future without us. We do nothing to promote the Universe.

  • No I do not think so.

    Humans are not essential to the continuity of the universe. The universe will continue to evolve regardless if we are around or not. Some other being will come in and keep working towards where we have left off. They will make the world better and move on towards new discoveries.

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