• Um i dont think so

    If your cat died would you go and kill other peoples cats because you miss yours? Like lets say your mom died and she was jewish. Would you go and kill all of he jews in your area? Thats what hitler did but people say because his dad abused him he deserves to kill the jews? Yall crazy.

  • NO WAY people are good

    We are always greed, and before we have education, we can only think about ourselves. We want, we will hate our family and friends because they do something to us. We always think about our lives. No one wold ever want to die for the others or for the country.

  • We r awesome

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  • Humans are good by nature like any other thing in this world .

    Humans are born good and then they may get spoiled by the society . Humans beings are just like a piece of cheese , they are born good and then they may get spoiled by bad society just like the cheese may get spoiled by bacteria (bad environment) . But If we took care of a kid he will grow up a good human , just like we preserve a piece of cheese . If you think I am wrong watch this video that shows that infants prefer good behaviors.

  • Locke said so

    People are often good by nature. Such as having a bad influence in your life can make you bad. John lock believed that with the right information people could watch over them selves. With this he believed people can be good by nature and that the government should be a state of nature or Democracy.

  • Humans by nature are good, as Rosseau one said "people are born good, instinctively comcerned with the wellfqre of others"

    If humans were by nature bad, they wouldn't care qbout massive loss of lives. Yes, there have been millions of people killed when they shouldn't have been. But that doesn't meen humans by nature are bad. We do our best every day to limit the loss of lives. We are constanly advancing technology in the hope to save someones life. Our soldiers go off to war because they want to improve someone elses life. A soldies mom is always heartbroken when she sends her son/daughter to war because she's afraid they may not come home. But she understands it's for the greater good

  • Humanity is Superior

    Humans are innately good, from the evolutionary point of view. Humanity didn't become what it is by sheer chance. We adapted to the world, and as we created better tools, we mad the world adapt to us. Humanity is the dominant species in the world. And, being the dominant species in the world, we call the shots. Accept no substitutes.

  • Of course man by nature is good

    It's not man that is evil, but the society that has been created and evolved from what man had originally intended. People on their own search for good to benefit themselves and those they love around them. The corrupting factor is the society that forces man to step on someone else to get ahead and strive for more money and possessions in a world that is trying to convince us to buy into the vicious circle of consumerism to be happy. Without all of that, i believe that man would be content with himself and only what he needed.

  • Nature and not culture

    If we were to boil down the human nature; exactly what do we find?
    I think most people in the world, including me would agree that evil inclinations persist like weed in the hearts and minds of humanity. But sometimes we can forget that the individual human child is not initially a product of culture (human made), but rather nature.
    And a child who has no reason to smile - still smiles, a child with no home longs for a place to call home, and a child who experiences suffering cries. Knowing that a child is incomplete without goodness in life, points us to the possibility of our own primal instinct for and of goodness. As weak as this argument might seem; the very few individuals who sacrifice for the greater good of humanity and mother nature triumph over the masses of people who stand idle in times of moral crisis; Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus, Rumi. The idle ones are imprisoned in the confines of culture and doubt, and those who stand firm in the notion of goodness are like the sun; they shine with the potential that lies within all of us. The biggest crime is that very few tap into that potential, and some others who do, twist goodness to suit purposes that antagonise peace. Nevertheless, goodness exists in most people, we just need to compel ourselves to choose it.

  • Humans are violent by nature.

    I once asked an opinion stating whether humans are naturally violent (to which I sided yes) and even had a brief debate about it. The fact is... We are masters of violence and death. The saddest part is, that although we are a devastating force to this planet, we are most devastating to ourselves. There will always be war, crime, and injustice. DNA evidence even shows that we may be hardwired for violence...

    If humans were good by nature, would there really be wars all around the world..? Would the Red Army have raped 2 million German women in World War 2? Would two World War's have even been fought, and would they have been started by the same god damn country? Nazism shows some of the worst ideology, it had no place and had to be destroyed. But if an entire nation can wish to dominate the world... Twice... Humans are not good by nature.

  • Not at all.

    Humanity is a demonstration of evil. Ask anyone who has ever been bullied. Oh, and people get more evil with age. Sometimes I wanna smoke a bigass joint and hide from everyone, but that would suck, so meh. Random word filler. I said hip hop, hippy to the hip hop you don't stop, rock it to the bang bang boogey, up jump the beat.

  • Mother nature's spoiled brat!

    Oh, god, I hate humanity! All we are are six billion hypocrites, morons, greedbags, and nutjobs! We pave over everything else and think we play by our own set of rules. Anyone who gets an actually good idea to change society for the better is either ignored, misinterpreted, or demonized, and we can't even sort ourselves out right! We either sit idle or take things too far! It's disgusting! If the next big crisis doesn't wipe out >90% of the human population, I'll be sorely disappointed!

  • Humans are without a doubt the most sinister, destructive, and down right evil of all creatures on the face of the earth.

    Genocide, rape, murder, torture, terrorism, racism, setting people on fire over superstition, setting people on fire over their sexuality, destruction of the environment, nuclear bombs, the sole existence of weapons like the flame-thrower, the complete extinction of countless animals, skinning animals alive for a few pennies, skinning animals alive because someone just HAD to wear that fur coat when they could have easily worn something cheaper and no less durable. The endless slaughter of animals in absolutely horrible conditions solely for profit, the endless slaughter of animals in absolutely horrible conditions so they can be served at a restaurant with absolutely no nutritional value, cutting your dogs nuts off because we can't have 'too many dogs' while 7.7 billion people walk this earth, the fact that 7.7 billion people walk this earth, school shootings, propaganda, war, and poverty.

    Every once and awhile I hear about how a baby shark will eat the other babies while it's still inside the mother shark. Or perhaps I'll hear about flies a poor unfortunate animal from the inside. But you know, absolutely none of this compares to what we're capable of and what we've done. Not even that, but we even go out of our way to defend abhorrent acts or we just choose to be apathetic 'because worse things exist'. Humans are not good by nature. Humans are wicked, vile, and petty. And while other animals kill animals because they have to, we kill animals because we feel compelled to exploit them for luxury or entertainment. You want evil, then look no further than the privilege the queen has for simply being born in the right family or perhaps marrying the right man while children are working 18 hours a day for pennies just so you can get those shoes for a few dollars cheaper. Every now and then I read up on people who spend their entire lives helping the unfortunate, and these people are truly amazing. Mostly though, we're all just gears to keep a destructive and terrible machine running.

  • Humanity is not good by nature, but not all are bad.

    Some people are easily corrupted. Many people are if I'm honest.
    The world hates you, it wants what you have and it will kill you to take it. People constantly preach materialism, racism, sexism, and general hate.
    If you go on Xbox Live for 15 minutes you're bound to get cursed at and called racial slurs (regardless of race) by a 5-15 year old child.
    People suck, you just have to find the ones that don't suck as badly.

  • In Matthew 7:11, Christ even says that we’re evil.

    In support with that, Thomas Hobbes said that humans are power and pleasure seekers that make us evil. We cannot say that society created all the evil because the society itself comprises humans, thus humans have this nature of being evil. Undeniably, we have the tendency to be good but deep inside we do good deeds only for self-interest. We are all sinners.

  • Not good, not bad either

    It's going to be hard to know the answer.
    Every individual is individual, with unique experiences pre birth.

    I don't think there's such a thing as good or bad, but we do things in order to survive.

    Part of survival might mean doing something which is helpful and part of it might mean killing.

    If you take eating out of the equation, and fighting for your life, I don't think doing "bad" acts helps one to survive

    We are just both good and bad.

    We are whatever we NEED to be

  • Humans aren't all bad but, they are far from being all good too

    Us Humans have so much Tech humans became lazy (even more than cats) also humans destroy nature. Humans kill animals for sport (or food). It's fine when other animals do it though, because they're doing to live. For food but, I couldn't say all humans are bad cause that wouldn't be realistic . Anyways thank you for reading this and have a great day!

  • NO WAY people are good

    We are always greed, and before we have education, we can only think about ourselves. We want, we will hate our family and friends because they do something to us. We always think about our lives. No one wold ever want to die for the others or for the country.

  • Your argument is flawed

    If society is what has made us humans evil, then please explain the first evil person. He had no bad society to turn him evil, so he clearly chose to be evil by his own nature. It's obvious that we have the choice to be good or ill natured, and many people choose ill natured, thus we are naturally evil natured because we naturally choose to be that way.

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