Are humans immortal in that we continue to live after our current bodies die?

  • Tell me what you mean...

    Think about it; Every atom in your body, every drop of blood, was made of something which was made of something which has been in this universe for, literally, forever. You- perhaps in a different form- will always exist. Your body might become part of the ground, you might rot and decay, but you'll still be there and you will never, ever, disappear. So it is logical to think that perhaps our souls disperse the way our bodies do, going on to form new souls and new ideas and forever existing in this world...

  • I believe that humans can be immortal in that they live on in the memories of those they have left behind when they die.

    As for actual immortality as a concept, I do not know the answer to that. No one else does either. When our family and friends who depart live on in our minds and memories, though, that is a kind of immortality that I do understand. I think of my Dad, who died eight years ago, every day. He is immortal to me.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • Humans are immortal, and do continue living after our current bodies die, because we have a soul that continues living.

    There are a few ways of looking at this, but I do feel that humans are immortal and do continue living after our bodies die. I feel, first of all, that we have an actual soul that continues to live on, like a ghost form. I also feel that our soul lives on in the form of how we have touched people in our lives. Our memory continues living in their minds, long after we are gone. You can also look at the people who built things or wrote books. A part of them is immortal in that form, as well.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Im going to vote no

    This whole idea that humans are immortal because their souls go on while they leave their bodies behind is pleasant to hear and something worth hoping that happens, but theres just no way we can prove it. Assuming that souls even exist we dont know if souls are immortal or if they too expire after a while. Dont get me wrong I sure hope we do continue on after our bodily death, but hoping that happens doesnt necessarily mean it will happen, and until solid evidence comes out showing that we do live on after our bodily death, and more importantly that we live on FOREVER after our bodily death, then im going to go ahead and vote no.

    I could see us continuing on after our bodies die, but it cant be scientifically proven that souls dont die and live on forever, so thats why I say no

  • No, only those saved by Jesus Christ, everyone else are destoryed by God.

    According to the memoirs of a new age qi gong master, he was able to achieve the state of a full union with the universe, which supposedly gave him immortality. He also had lots of super natural powers the he could use to heal and to harm other people. But he lost them all after Christians preyed for him. He said in his memoir that he realized that the full union he achieved with the universe was actually a union with demons, which becomes broken when Christians prays for him. Also from the memoirs of African witch doctor, Satanist priests, or any other religions groups or people that are able to work their way to the core of their religions groups, to the point of getting spiritual powers. They all have the same problem. Their powers don't work against Christians, and becomes lost when Christians prays for them. Thus we can conclude Jesus Christ is the ultimate authority with the spiritual and super natural, and the Bible did not lie to us about its teachings. And the bible teaches that God will save the elect of God, and everyone else dies.

  • The wages of sin is death

    God cursed mankind to die after he sinned. He warned Adam that he would die if he disobeyed God - he warned him of the consequences. God didn't say that he would carry on living in a different state and in a different dimension. People belive that our souls or spirts go on living after our physical bodies have died. This is an ancient pagan belief that unfortunately crept into the Christian church. Death is the absence of life; it is not another form of it.

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