• Human extinction in 100, 000 years.

    Human species has been around for a few hundred thousand years and will be around for a few hundred thousand more. Human species, Like many other species can go extinct over the next 100, 000 years.

    There is nothing special about human species. Human species are in the greater sense, Like gorilla, Tiger, Zebra and many other four legged species. You should prepare for the life after Earth, Like it says in the Bible, Quran, Vedas and religious books. ;-)

  • Yes, its possible that humans can go extinct

    Us as humans, are reproducing at an alarming rate. We keep building new homes and tearing down natural areas for space. Soon we wont have enough resources like food, water, space, etc. so yes, I do think humans could go extinct soon in the near future. Sorry for bad grammar :(

  • Humans are all in one basket

    Ever heard the phrase: never put all your eggs in one basket?
    That is humanity right now. We have all our 7 billion on one planet, one solar system. We need to expand, or nuclear war, asteroid impacts, solar flares or a deadly epidemic could wipe us all out in a flash. Only if we expand to another star system will we be safe to survive for billions of years

  • Probably not imminent danger, but yes.

    As long as humans are bound to a single planet within a single solar system, they are not only in danger of going extinct, but are assured to go extinct. The sun dying is the absolute end, but there will be many astronomical events before even that. Massive extinction events caused by these happen with a degree of regularity that ensures humanity would be wiped out eventually. Again, as long as we only inhabit this one place. If humanity ever found a way to colonize other systems, then they could avoid extinction for a very long time.

    Posted by: Keln
  • Human>carrying capacity=little resources

    We are driving ourselves into the ground. We are destroying our own resources so when we use up them all there will be nothing left for us to bounce back with. And if you state that that's not likely because of the amount of humans then that's wrong because that's the point of a population's carrying capacity. Also pollution is a big blow to our resources.

  • Yes, we are creating that situation.

    The earth and its inhabitants have undergone many different extinctions over the many eons of our world. However, this is the first one that humans themselves are creating. Yes, humans will probably be extinct as a species in some hundreds of years, and the sad thing is that we know we're doing that.

  • Yes humans are.

    Humans are in danger of going extinct, and we are heading towards the most idiotic ways possible to do that. We will either over populate the planet and not have enough food, water, and other natural resources to survive, or we will pollute it so badly that no human can live.

  • There are so many more of us.

    No, humans are not in danger of going extinct, because there are more of us than there have ever been before. Humans are expanding in numbers, which means that we are not be going extinct any time soon. Even if there are wars in one region, people in the other regions will start again.

  • Population Loss Possible

    I do not believe humans are in danger of going extinct. I think our large population makes us more susceptible to mass population losses, but that is about all. Even mass catastrophes would witness human survivors, it is very unlikely that we will be extinct any time soon. Humans can survive through a lot.

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