• Too Much Meat Leads to Heart Attacks

    Too much meat leads to heart attacks in modern diets. Too much cholesterol from animal products leads to plaque build up in arteries and inflammation can happen in the heart muscle. As such, a vegan diet reduces instances of such maladies and promotes natural healing within the human body. A vegan diet is rich in vitamins and minerals which helps prevent diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.

  • In most cases, yes

    In most cases, humans are innately healthier when they go vegan compared to those who choose not to, and this is coming from a huge meat eater. The meat we eat now has way too many chemicals that we do not know much about or understand. It can not be healthy to be putting all of those chemicals into our bodies. Vegan is a great option to avoid some of those but going a step further and going organic is even better.

  • No, they are not

    We have been on this planet for a long time, we are suppose to get all the protein we can. The fact is we need to eat meat, or things closely associated with that. You can't live off of soy, its just not the same, its not going to keep you 100 percent healthy.

  • no, not necessarily.

    I do think going vegan is a healthier alternative than eating junk food all the time and stuffing gobs of processed nonsense into your mouth, but a more balanced diet is the right way to go. This is according to every nutritionist I have ever spoken to in my life.

  • "Innate" means, "born there"

    Humans are not born to eat the vegan way. Eating the vegan way is a response to the way that food-animals are treated. Eating the vegan way is for ethical reasons. It is not what humans are born to do. The real problem with how food is farmed is: human over-population.

  • We need meat.

    No, humans are not innately healthier by going vegan, because there are goods that we get by eating meat that are very important to us. Humans are carnivores. We have dietary needs, and those including needing proteins. We get those proteins from meat. Humans can have diet deficiencies by not getting protein by eating meat.

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