• There is no act that is truly unselfish

    Any act a human performs in kindness or not is even subconsciously driven by the release of those feel good endorphins released when it makes one feel good about themselves even if they don't reap any physical or monetary reward & all that is received is that feeling good about ones self for what ever did or didn't motivate the act. It's impossible to do anything completely lacking some selfish benefit.

  • Humans are the scum of earth

    We kill what we wish, take what we wish and think we can get away with everything. We, as humans, care nothing for the world around us, we only care about how we can better our own lives. We see the world as a means to an end. I think personally that of we were to do something good for the rest of the planet for once we should just cease human existence. We should be ashamed of our existence.

  • We "only" live for ourselves

    It's true that humans have ingrained selfishness. It just varies. At old times, we just lived for ourselves and our family, also, our friends. But why do we not care for the others? Is it because it just adds up to the daily things? Or just we do not know? Life taught us that it isn't a kumbayah. Let me tell you a selfish saying: "Avoid negative people". Why? This is the problem, we just leave them for our personal gain. We create an illusion of happiness by ignoring these people. We can help them but we don't. Together, we're isolated by "concepts of the society".

    As children, we are thought not to snoop on talks of the adults. Why do they need to do these? It's the truth they might be saying. Why is it painful? It's selfish that we protect someone we love in trade of truths.

    "Selfishness is also caused by fear"

    We are afraid, afraid to lose something or someone in exchange of everything? Self-sacrifice? No. It's just fear. We do everything to avoid it.

    "We just feign ignorance to ourselves"

  • By nature, not necessarily conditioning

    I believe that we are innately concerned about our own lives, and not about others' lives with the exception of immediate family. Even here, we only do nice things for them because of a personal benefit within. Sure we can genuinely want to do something nice for someone, but the only reason we do that is because we have our own, personal desire to and that is a benefit to us. Another thing is how we look at the word selfish; to say that we are all selfish is to imply a negative connotation. This is where there is some gray area. Those nice people you see that don't appear selfish may not be selfish. However, they still only do things for other people due to their own desire for personal benefit. So are we all selfish? Kind of. As with everything in the entire universe, there will always be a problem of definition. There is also very little point in arguing things anyway. Have a good day.

  • Most are grotesquely selfish and horrible.

    Most humans go through life taking, using and abusing for their own short term, petty and selfish needs and desires. If it were not for social constraints and external forces (consequences), most people would behave far worse. Without the threat of consequences imposed by the legal system, community and Government, the majority of humans would function and live in various levels/states of total and utter debauchery.

  • Yes and no

    While at the core part of our self we will care about ourselves some humans are more or less selfish than others. For example my aunt (NAME WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED) is the kindest person I know, she took the worst part of the house she was renting and gave the renters the better room. But at our core don't you want the cookie. If you had to choose imbetween your happiness and someone elses don't you want to choose yours?

  • Yes we are

    We were born selfish. We are born to take care of ourselves. We are focused on our own survival. That doesn't mean all humans are selfish a lot of humans are kind ad care about others. I would say though that people focus o things that affect them. Yes would say that at least 50% of the population is selfish

  • Yes, I believe so.

    Humans are just biologically meant to focus on their own survival before that of others. While we may have instances of selflessness, in general, people will look after themselves and act in their own best self interests. Back when mankind hunted and scavenged for food having more than your neighbor meant that your likelihood of survival to reproduce and pass on genes was greater. Hopefully there will come a time when we outgrow this trait, but I doubt it will be anytime soon.

  • We have evolved

    Although a lot of people might think that "survival of the fittest" is a make or break principle for the existence of an organism in this world, and thus humans are hardwired to be selfish, but a lot of things have changed over the time and thus it is not the case anymore.

    To begin with, we no longer live in a time when we have to fight to eat and we have enough resources, so even though a new born child might be innately selfish, we teach him to share and donate.

  • Tangible or not

    Where there is love there is pain. To say we are born selfish. I mean come on it's instinct. Put something in front of my face i'm going to be curious as to what it is. I think innocence goes a long way here. I think we are all innated with selfishness when it comes to our pride and work that of what we do or even did to actually become.

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