• We need some meat

    There are reasons people eat meat. A balanced diet, strengthen teeth and gums. We have k-9 teeth for a reason.

    If an animal gets hit by my car, and I get out to check and it's guts are hanging out as it pants and pants and pants, I think shooting it is reasonable.

    If I see an animal just walking around, no I have no need to kill it. If I lived in a time in history where I had to hunt for food thn yes, I would kill what I needed.L

  • It benefits us.

    Humans are entirely justified in killing animals.
    The burden of proof is on the animals to justify their continued existence. If they don't benefit humanity, then they have no right to exist.
    Sure, the animals are cute. But what good does cute do when they are competing for resources a human could otherwise have used?
    Humans are tough and smart. The animals aren't smart enough to engage in agriculture and whatnot, while humans are smart enough to use the animals in agriculture. Therefore, humans are justified in both killing and exploiting animals.

  • Killing is cruel

    Sure, animals might taste good and they might not be as intelligent as us humans, but all creatures have the right to live. Lions and other wild animals are okay to eat and kill other animals because their bodies are made for it. We might have canine teeth but they aren't as sharp as the lions, and we can't run as fast as them. It is wrong to kill and torture animals for food, clothes, and cosmetics, or for no reason at all. Plus, some animals are quite intelligent. The human race generally values some species more than others, some they love, some they eat, and it is just sick.

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