• We kill to get MORE than we need.

    The vast majority of animals kill just enough to get what they need; food, their own survival, etc. Rarely does a wolf/lion/meerkat/octopus actually kill their rival. The contest is decided when one is obviously going to win and the loser runs off to live another day. Humans also kill for treasure, revenge, slaves, land, power, greed, religion, race hatred, add your own. Humans do not NEED the vast majority of the things we kill each other over, we WANT them, its a vast difference.

  • Just a bit...

    What can I say? Millions upon millions have been killed in endless wars that humans have fought, over 3000 since records began. Animals kill to survive, end of. We kill for... Well so many reasons. Usually it comes down to power. We are naturally violent and are masters of death.

  • Of Course We Are

    I believe humans are the most aggressive animals on the planet, there isn't really anything comparable to us on this planet. I believe we were created to be this way. We had to be aggressive to feed ourselves and you have to be aggressive in today's world to succeed. People who aren't aggressive don't make it very far in the business world.

  • Yes, weapons and other means of acting on aggression are readily available.

    Yes, humans are more aggressive than other animals, and this can be exemplified by the creation of so many different types of weapons that are designed to hurt both animals and humans. Animals also show aggression when competing to survive, and humans can show acts of aggression that cannot be explained.

  • Biologically speaking, No.

    Human beings have no natural weapons. Our instinct is to cower and cover ourselves up. Our only useful tool is our brain. Simply give us our technology, And we are the most aggressive things on the planet. Although I doubt humans are the only species to deliberately kill their own kind (chimpanzees do it too), Our sometimes sadistic nature can get the better of us. We naturally fear things that aren't in our control, And when something threatens us, We usually choose fight instead of flight (for example, You're not going to move out of your house because of an invasion). With our technology, Yes, We are the most aggressive. Without it, Though, We're just defenseless bipedal mammals.

  • Nature is Violent

    Humans are no more aggressive than many animals. Humans likely would be more agressive, but human ingenuity has allowed us to evolve to the point where life-giving essentials like food and water are able to be produced and stored in abundance, dramatically reducing violent competition for those resources that occurs in nature.

  • We all kill.

    No, humans are not more aggressive than other animals, because all animals have the capacity to kill. This is true of humans as well. We kill to eat and we kill because of passion. This is no different than the entire rest of the animal kingdom. We are just one type of mammal.

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mimi07 says2021-07-12T03:52:54.707
When the human look for power organizing wars using arms killing thousands and damage other species these actions make us more aggressive that other animals that kill to eat or kill for defense

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