• Why is this even a question?

    No other animal will kill and torture other animals for beauty reasons. No other animal will kill another animal just because they feel like it. No other animal hates its own species just for a few differences such as religion or color. No other animal bullies other animals so bad, they commit suicide. It's pretty obvious.
    PS. Humans are animals.

  • Yes, humans can be more vicious than animals.

    Because of our higher levels of intelligence, we are capable of creating ideals. Some humans, who are more ambitious and aggressive, often use these ideals as a means to fulfil their interests. Because of our natural greed and impulsiveness, some of us use their intelligence to get what they want in any way they can' and if that includes hurting or killing people, they won't think twice. Animals usually employ violence only when needed, and they stop it when they got what they wanted. They don't kill their own kind because their survival instinct, they need to preserve every member of their specific species. There are so many humans on earth that we don't feel in danger of being extinct. Add that to the greed, intelligence and impulsiveness, and we are capable of very high levels of mass destruction and murder, but it's not true for all humans.

  • I believe that.

    Humans are more wild and vicious than animals because animals don't annoy each other,they don't kill each other, they don't use chemical weapons, they don't use nuclear bombs, they don't Excruciating others, they haven't ruthless government,but humans do all of these. We don't compare animals and humans in the same condition, animals usually are hungry and death threat them well but we are not always hungry but when we are hungry we are more wild. During wwll and the siege of St.Petersburg people kill others and eat them but no animal do such thing in the history.Animals don't rape, there's no child abuse among them

  • Possessed with higher intellectual capacity, human beings are more vicious than animals.

    In this context, animals mean those creatures other than human beings, and vicious means aggressiveness level. Talking about which is more aggressive whether humans or animals, it is clear in my perspective that we are more aggressive than animals. Animals act merely because of their instinct dictates them so, but humans act not only by instinct but also with its full awareness of events, that is to say that we are aware of our actions. We act based on conscience, animals act based on their instinct. People kill for reasons other than defense of territory and food, while animals kill only for those reasons. In other words, animals don't have free will but humans do have. Having free will to do whatever he wants, humans are more vicious than animals, which compared to humans, don't decide on their actions.

  • Most advances form of mammals

    Animals do not have the sense and ability to torture other animals because of money & wealth, greed or beauty, etc..But us humans do; and it happens every day. We are the most intelligent creatures on earth, so that in itself just expands the opportunity for unneeded violence and cruelty.

  • Humans are definitely more vicious than animals!

    Animals tend to do things to sustain their lives. Humans do horrible things for entertain value and to establish dominant/submissive relationships.

    Besides being pointlessly vicious, humans also have the capacity to destroy life on this planet, as evidenced by war, pollution, and global warming.

    Humans are far more aggressive and dangerous than any other animal hands down!

  • Human is the most disgusting evil animal

    Human can reason but chose to do evil. Human by nature is greedy forever jealous other others who are faring better. Human is just plain disgusting it took me years to understand the true nature of human nature. Cyberbully war power abuse backstab plot conspiracy human is a sick race

  • People have gotten worse over time

    I think humans are bad news for animal's and humans as well. See animals kill other. But it's to survive. But if you look at us as the human race we kill each other for no reason. And we kill animal's to the point were there gonna be no more of that one animals. We were built to destroy our selves and everything els.

  • We eat everything on this planet

    Including each other, and I don’t mean eat in sexual way. We are also devious, and vicious beyond compare, and because of our voracious appetites; Sapiens have driven whole species to extinction. And continue to wreck the very thing we need the most, our living planet.

    What othe animal as achieved that distinction?

  • Name another animal that....

    - tortures other animals for fun
    - hates other beings of their own species for looking different
    - bullies someone so much, they kill themselves
    - kill other animals habitats, and don't care when they die out
    - kills their own species for revenge
    *nothing else needs to be said*

  • I disagree with you.

    Humans may be creatures of Earth but we have a powerful conscience that most animals do not have.
    Humans can use common sense to judge their actions, labeling humans "more vicious than animals" is to single out all of the negative actions that humans have taken throughout history and completely ignoring the positive decisions made by the Human race. Although we may have killed eachother in hundreds of conflicts, we choose to remember those who died after the fighting. Meaning we have a heart and show empathy for the dead, I hardly doubt that Humans are vicious as you claim they are, as we are race of care and empathy.

  • Monkeys are examples.

    Most monkey species declare actual war for certain trees. They plan attacks, where at the end, they murder and eat the losing side, with an emphasize on eating the young. Often they don't kill the prey, but will eat it alive.

    Monkey species will commit absolute genocide, eating males, females, and children during war until the other tribe is completely gone.

  • We are animals

    I don't think it's fair to say we are more or less vicious than animals. To start, we are animals. We are also apart of the circle of life, but due to modern technology and human behavior, we aren't anybodies food. If dogs could gather animals on farms, kill them, and package their meat to sell at a grocery store, they would.

  • No, by definition and in practice

    The first matter we must address is that humans *are* animals. As much as many of us like to make a distinction, we are an animal species, and so it is meaningless to ask whether we are more vicious than animals.

    If we want to ask whether humans are more vicious than non-human animals, we can begin to have a discussion. I would argue that the answer is still no, however. First of all, lumping all humans into a single category strikes me as a difficult (bordering on meaningless) exercise. Humans have great capacity for both cruelty and compassion, and most of us, I think, fall on the less cruel side of that spectrum.

    Animals are remarkably diverse. It is simply wrong to say that humans are the only animals that kill each other, or that kill other species. It is similarly wrong to say that humans are the only animals to do so for no other apparent purpose than for entertainment. That is a rare trait even among humans, but it is also a trait that exists elsewhere in nature.

    The only thing we can say about humans is that through our technology, we have developed to do more harm in our moments of cruelty than other animals. This is true. However, the other side of that coin is that we have also developed the capacity to do more good in a single moment of compassion.

  • Humans are not as dangerous

    No they are not. I think it depends on the animal and the human you are comparing. Like people some animals are less vicious than others, but like animals some people can be pretty nasty. It is pretty equal in that sense because no every human is terrible, but not every animal is vicious.

  • \mosquitoes kill more per year

    In my debating team at school we are doing this topic and I hope we win we will because im smart, and we are smart and we will also win because we have good points its so fun doing this. We are versing cooper Hannah Amelia were against there for

  • We know what we're doing

    We choose our actions but those atrocious animals just attack and kill people, which I know probably everyone doesn't want. Animals have way more power than we do. Humans may have done bad things but it doesn't mean we are dangerous. If people believe humans are dangerous it means they're talking about there selves. WE may be violent sometimes but guess what animals don't just kill they eat.

  • Animals have less capability than humans.

    If an angry monkey knew how to use a gun, do you think he would hesitate to shoot? Animals often just attack on instinct. For all their capacity for harm, people do have the ability to think about it. Sometimes, that makes them more vicious than animals, as when they consciously harm others for (sometimes minimal) personal gain.

    More often, they choose not to shoot. If most people were as vicious as animals, society could not exist. We would be too busy constantly trying to kill each other over any disagreement at all to do anything productive. Any group larger than a couple of dozen people would self-destruct, fragmenting into smaller, conflicting groups.

    I'm not saying anything humanity is doing will work out. And under extreme stress, most of us will resort to animal viciousness. You can watch kids taunting each other, then heaping humiliation and punishment on the first one to lose control. I hate that, and they will keep doing it as long as people keep having kids (and they love having kids for some reason. They will keep doing it as often and as long as they possibly can).

    There's a kernel of hope there, though. As much as it (so often and so pointlessly) hurts, that middle school mob mentality puts the emphasis on working together.

    Life is vicious. Our society is a fairly sane and optimistic response to a world full of other beings intent on devouring anything they can, because anything less than that is not enough for survival. All of us - at least in this generation, probably for the foreseeable future - are going to die. Every person is faced with agonizing pain and inevitable death. No exceptions. We see those things coming, and most of us find it in ourselves to build without cause or reason. We strive for a better life for ourselves and our children, so at some point maybe people can stop dying.

    From a selfish viewpoint, violence - or suicide - often makes more sense. You're in pain. You're going to die. An animal wouldn't hesitate. That the majority of us refrain from those things for most of our lives - that our society works at all - means we have more control than the animals. We are considerably less vicious.

    I'm not saying that's enough. For anything. It's a step in the right direction, though; you recognize that when you read it, and that alone puts you above any animal. Depending on what you decide to do with it.

  • Cows kill each other too

    Did you know that even cows kill each other?
    Well, they do, provided that they have scarce resources.

    As a matter of fact, ALL animals are vicious and humans are not exempt from that.
    The difference with humans however, is that our "scarcity" is false and does not need to exist anymore.

    If you want to test it out, put 10 cows in a room with enough food for 2 cows and wait to see how long it takes, before they kill each other.
    Also interesting to watch: Robert Sapolsky - Why hierarchy creates a destructive force within the human psyche ( you should be able to find that on youtube )

  • No they are not.

    I think it depends on the animal and the human you are comparing. Like people some animals are less vicious than others, but like animals some people can be pretty nasty. It is pretty equal in that sense because no every human is terrible, but not every animal is vicious.

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