• Yes to polygamy.

    Ofcourse humans are polygamous. At every point of our life we get attracted to some or the other guy/gal. It is just because you are in a society, the so called civilized society we don't dare to behave like one. We have it all in our mind. Humans have been suppressing themselves just to satisfy others.

  • You can say that again. Humans are polygamous by nature.

    Historically, both sexes have been known to have multiple sexual partners at the same time. Monogamy is a relatively new concept and and I think humans are naturally promiscuous and not monogamous. Very few animals in the animal kingdom including humans are polygamous rather than monogamous. Scientists have proven that only three to five percent of animals are truly monogamous by nature and the rest are polygamous. For a very long time in human civilization it was considered normal to have many lovers at the same time, applying to both men and women. Monogamy is used to suppress and repress human sexuality for unknown reasons and is a challenge for many people. If humans were monogamous then why do we look at other people of the opposite sex when we're in a monogamous relationship? We simply can't help it because we're designed and wired to do that. I feel humans are programmed this way and in the past century or so it's been abandoned and stigmatized. I don't think any human being can really stay true to one person in their lives. This all comes to show that we're meant to be polygamous as opposed to monogamous.

  • It's where we went wrong

    See Sex at Dawn, written by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha: if you can withstand the grizzly anatomical detail (I JUST managed it), you will recognise the reality. Couple that with further evidence that we are evolved to suit a tribal/pack way of life (the Dunbar Number of 150 in the prefrontal cortex, for example, which indicates that we live most easily in groups around 150; but much more besides), you will probably reach the conclusion that our big mistake was to give up the hunter-gatherer lifestyle in favour of sedentary farming - and EVERYTHING that stems from that, be it left-and-right political divides, inequality, a thug in the White House, the need for dentists, follows from that single but (effectively) worldwide event. It works perfectly for me - from the 10,000-year-ago massacre at Nataruk in Africa through Kim Jong Un, pausing en route at the Pyramids and Sydney Opera House.
    I know what went wrong, now.

  • I believe we are!

    Think about how many people, both men and women make the decision to completely destroy their families, careers and sometimes lives because of infidelity. If we were not built to live a polyamorous lifestyle, then there would not be the innant desire to be with someone other than your mate.

  • Monogamy is childish

    The only 2 reasons to not be polygamous are jealousy and insecurity, 2 very wasted and childish emotions.
    The benifits of polygamous are huge though.
    To begin with, it actually keeps the sex in the first relationship more enjoyable and passionate. If you only had the choice of drinking chocolate milk everyday, you would get tired of this and even possibly start hating it, but if you're allowed to have a variation of drinks... You can enjoy choclate milk forever.
    Sex is similar... Sex with the same person eventually becomes stale and boring if there is no variation at all. No one likes stale boring sex, not men, not women.
    It also gets rid of all the useless arguments based on jealousy and insecurity and actually allows you to be closer to that person in a way monogamous relationships never are. You can be honest with each other without fear of punishment which does form a closer bond and a more honest relationship.
    Monogamy is the selfish and misguided need to try and own a persons sexual life, which actually destroys it. Men are more likely to be polygamous and women are more likely to be monogamous. The mistake is thinking you can make a polygamous person mongamous. Eventually sex becomes so stale and boring they cheat... Or maybe they stay faithful, but become bored and unhappy and then tge mongamous person may cheat as a result... Because their physical and emotional needs are being ignored.

  • I believe so!

    I'm a 21 year old male and have been in a polygamous relationship for 1 year; the previous relationships I had were monogamous, we stayed faithful too one another (as far as I am ware!) never worked due too their insecurities and jealously toward other women. Now that I find myself in a Polygamous relationship there is no pathetic arguments over why I fancied Cheryl Cole or why I told the post woman to have a good day etc. I do believe some people can have a monogamous relationship however I do believe that if everyone was polygamous then people would have a better quality of life and have that much more freedom to explore life for its true beauty. I am currently seeing 3 women who all know about my other relationships and they are all seeing other men. As soon as you get over the jealousy emotion then this life style is truly a great and prosperous one! When I was in a monogamous relationship I always wanted too be able too talk too women and get too know them but always felt guilty so never acted on these feelings however I always wanted the benefits of being in a relationship, now I can freely act out these emotions and be free of a guilty conscience! I do truly respect those who would prefer monogamy as people are free too do as they wish but in my opinion I believe polygamy is allowing you to act out on natural impulses.

  • Women and Men are Polygamous

    Before humans started to 'label' everything and didn't worry about questioning their desires and impulses for the present moment people would have engaged in 'polygamy' instinctively. When people lived in close community's and looked after one another, raising children was not just a blood parent thing, it would have been shared responsibility of the community. Therefore the only logical reason for monogamy ( to raise healthy children ) I believe is only an emotional drive. People can be monogamous emotionally but physically are likely to be polygamous ..

  • Big yes we arr

    Just look at your own instincts and impulses. Look at all the divorces due to cheating. Monogamy is a selfishness, wanting to own someone. It's low self esteem. Both men and women are built to have many sexual partners over their lifetime and experience new ones often. Society wants you to be a caged castrated punk. Live life

  • Monogamy is a social constraint = so very true!

    You cannot tell me that we are Monogamous when the reality demonstrates the contrary! And yes, the same thing goes for women, too! The only difference is that women tend to be more conservationist than men. They are taught since little girls that they should get married in a white dress, have kids, keep a house, cook, clean, etc...But they are never taught how to act sexually in a normal relation, to be sexual active. Most of them are afraid of sex! As if sex is something dirty, they say: sex should be made only to have a child, not for pleasure! So wrong! And women also are attracted by other men! And it's perfectly normal! Marriage is again another social constraint!

  • Yes,humans are naturally polygamous.

    Of course humans can be considered naturally this regard they can be considered to much of the rest of the animal kingdom and many animals for species survival are forced to be polygamous.It is expected that humans would do the same thing and follow suit when they choose to mate.

  • Animals can be polygamous, monogamous means we have evolved.

    I'm not going to argue that natural selection means that the best genes are chosen to help produce better offspring, and that by mating with different men or women you have a better chance at producing that offspring. I think that is very primitive though, and that in actuality, choosing one partner so that there is not an over population issue, jealously that has caused death amongst certain cultures, and the issue of preventing the spreading of diseases means that monogamy is actually an evolutionary advantage and sign of a specie's progression. TLDR polygamy does more harm than good to an entire species, therefore monogamy is evolutionary progressive.

  • No! Polygamy is outlawed in civilized countries bcoz people are civilised enough to know that having more than wofe is like collecting objects!

    Women r not objects! Otherwise we wont blame Muslims for bombing themselves up for heaven virgins!! Humans and their instincts get more civilised with time! If u cannot manage ur natural tendcies then u dont belong to the civilised world! U belong to Taliban or the third world where they treat women as if they were created to only please me sexually!!

  • No we are not!

    It is all a matter of choice. Just because I think certain women look attractive, doesn't make me polygamous. What now, if my wife cheated on me should I be cool with it because she is acting out of her natural tendencies? There are women I don't find attractive, what natural does that make me? We have the free will to make choices about relationships. I built a relationship with my only wife and I desire no one else. She satisfies all my sexual needs. So now where did all my so called "natural polygamous" tendencies go?

  • No, it is a choice

    Humans are not naturally anything. People choose their own fate and destiny. Some people prefer to be polygamous because they cannot commit to one person. Some people enjoy being with one person because they are happy with their partner. To state that humans are naturally polygamous is an excuse. People who say that are people who want multiple partners.

  • I don't think so

    It may be possible that life-long monogamous relationships aren't good for a portion of the population, but that doesn't automatically mean that polygamy is the solution to the question. This is a false dilemma. There could be any number of answers, such as open marriages, non-committed relationships. There are many solutions.

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