• With out modern methods humans could not survive without meat

    B-12,whole proteins,the amount of protein needed for our brains. Also our eyes are both on the front of our head as for hunting,the first tools where for food and since we are hunters we used our thumbs to grasp spears for killing,cooking was a way of preserving our meat,ask god!

  • Man has always eaten meat as well as plant life.

    Humans are omnivores. Man can not be herbivore alone because there are certain nutritional requirements that plants alone can not meet. Vitamin B12 cannot be attained without having animal products in the diet. Even plant foods that contain B12 are not properly absorbed by the human body. In addition, man has always eaten meat throughout history.

  • Humans are definitely omnivores.

    Humans are without a doubt omnivores. As far back as history goes, there are depictions of man hunting meat. From the woolly mammoth cavemen hunted to the medium rare steaks we grill today, man has eaten meat. But man also enjoys a good tossed salad with his steak, and usually a baked potato and veggie. Humans are omnivores - they eat animals, plants, fruit, leafy vegetables, nuts - some of everything.

  • Yes, humans are omnivores.

    I definitely think that humans are omnivores. The term omnivores refer to a creature eating all types of foods from meats to plants. That is what humans do. A herbivore on the other hand only eats plants. I think that humans were naturally made to be omnivores and carnivores actually.

  • It's all good.

    Humans are omnivores, rather than herbivores, because people have been eating meat for their entire lives. Herbivores are only part of the human diet. Humans will eat anything that will keep them alive, as we have done for years. We are hunters, and this includes meat. This is natural and it is healthy.

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