• Come on. Absolutely.

    Of course we are related to apes. We are the most EVOLVED ape of all. Thats why its so hard for many people to believe. Our physiques and our brains are so evolved naturally we'd question & deny our origin because our EMOTIONS give us fear, disbelief..Not to mention RELIGION.

  • Humans ARE Apes

    Great Apes to be exact. We are in the family Homoinidae, which includes Orangutans, Chimpanzees, Bonobos, and Gorillas along with Humans.
    So we're not just related to apes we ARE apes.

  • Seriously?

    Mainstream science proves it. Genetic testing, guys. Come on. Darwinist theory evidences it, and I will uphold it. Screw the Bible-thumpers. Anyone willing to say others should write a publication about it, because I'm sure the scientific community of the world would love to read it. The end. Sorry.

  • Why is this even being debated?

    Scientists have accepted that humans are related to apes since the late 19th century. Why we're still arguing about it in the 21st century astonishes me.

    To anyone asking, "if we evolved from apes, then why are there still apes today?" I'd like you to know that we did not evolve from apes. We share a common ancestor with them. Imagine an upside-down 'V.' The two points at the bottom represent modern-day humans and apes, respectively. The top point represents the common ancestor we both share. That's how that works.

  • Yes, speaking in an evolutionary and genetic sense, humans are related to apes and other primates.

    Many would argue that humans did not evolve from apes. They are correct. Humans evolved along side apes from a common ancestor, millions of years ago. Besides the obvious physical characteristics that we share with apes, humans share over 99% of our DNA with apes. While we are related to all primates in one way or another, apes are our closest relative.

    Posted by: SloppyDion32
  • I think humans are related to apes, because of all the similarities.

    I believe that humans are related to apes, because of all the similarities between the two species. Humans and apes have the same mannerisms as each other, and they both have feelings.

    Posted by: NollBad
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  • Yes, we are related to apes. If the question was 'Are humans related to monkeys?' then it would be an entirely different story.

    All religion aside for two minutes... We have to think back to that evolutionary timeline we had to draw in science class. Millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the world, they were likely named the dominant species of that time. Now speed the clock a few million years to the colossal meteorite accident that wiped out the dinosaurs except a select few (Crocodile etc). Before this time primates were sought of as prey by carnivorous dinos. They hid in trees to escape death. Now that there are like no more predators (besides some mammals) they no longer needed to hide in the trees. It was at this time (6 million years ago) that primates started to primarily live on the ground. Half of the species still stayed in the trees and kept their tails. And then there was our distant relative apes. Again we split from these apes (from whom we are indeed related to) from sticking from part tree and ground animal to absolutely never going on a tree. These non-tree animals are us. (homo sapians) and the half-half animals are chimpanzees and bonobos.

  • The Question is not specific enough.

    The question is: "Are humans related to apes"? If you are a strict believer in evolution, the question could just as easily be: "Are humans related to lady bugs, earth worms or bacteria?" and I guess your answer would still be yes. All the animals and even plants share DNA, reproduction etc.

    I feel that humans have a special place in our world and as a believer in god, I feel that although God uses controlled evolution as one of his tools, his relationship with humans is unique and significant and that the other of his creations were made for our use and benefit.

    So therefor I feel that because of this special relationship with god, we are not related.

  • Read what I have to say

    When people are for us being related to apes, they will say "Yes, scientist have proven so." But have they really? Think about it. We've learned about evolution, but their is no hard evidence that we are related to apes. They have not even found the remains of the "Common" ancestor that we share. It's just assumed. And therefore, its false and inaccurate information.

  • The Lord created mankind

    The Bible says the Lord created all mankind in his image. I believe that there was mutation in the ape to better fit in the world. The scientist has not gave us enough information for me to believe this. They can not prove that the Lord did not create us.

  • Religion of evolution has no proof for this

    The discoveries of similar DNA is only proof of common design. No observable proof can be produced to show that humans and apes are related. Just call evolution the fairy tale it is and get a new theory. Tax dollars supporting this religion to be taught in universities should be stopped.

  • God created humans

    I believe in the Bible and that is why I think that humans are not related to apes. Scientists that believe that we are related to apes don't really give us enough information to prove that we are related to them. Or they only show us the good side of their theory and call what they believe in science, when they judge thing using circular reasoning. You have to show all sides good and bad, and show all the differences between apes and humans. This would be a fair game I think.

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