• Some Of It

    I believe the Earth has natural warming and cooling cycles that we are not able to influence. Given the timing of the last ice age I would have to guess we are in a warming period and that will continue for many years to come. With that said, I think the pollution and greenhouse gases that we've released will make the warming period more difficult for us than it should be.

  • Yes, humans are responsible for today's climate change

    Humans are responsible for the climate changes that are affecting our environment. By failing to responsibly care for the resources we have been given, and by over-utilizing materials such as spray cans, we have damaged our world and caused changes in our climate. Other activities such as cloud seeding may have far-reaching outcomes that we do not even realize yet.

  • Humans have changed the world but not just for the better

    So climate change is when the climate changes. But it has got out of hand. Ice caps are melting animals are suffering. The gases causing climate change is coming from us, Every person. Your everyday life makes the gases. Scientists know of the ice age not melt time! They have analyzed the past knowing it was only natural. But the present and future of global warming is from us. We need to take action, The world is changing because of our actions. NOW EVERYTHING IS IN OUR HANDS!

  • We are responsible for some

    Yes, humans are responsible for some of the climate changes in the world. With our technology and processes going on consistently it is not hard to see that we have caused a lot of changes in the climate. I do not believe that we are the only thing responsible of the climate change, but we have our hand it the pot.

  • Yes,humans are responsible for climate change today.

    Yes,humans are responsible for climate change today.Humans make all kinds of pollutants which do nothing but contribute to negative climate change.Until humans realize they are responsible for climate change they will do nothing about and the earth will continue to get worse and worse until the earth is basically unlivable.

  • It is doubtful.

    There really is so very little that we understand about the climate and it is impossible to model for all of the variables. The climate change hypothesis also utilizes a very limited set of data and in some cases completely ignores parts of it that don't fit the hypothesis. That is not to say that we don't contribute. It's unthinkable that we don't contribute in some way, as does every living thing on Earth. Humans have only existed in an Ice Age, which we are currently still in, so we know the planet has been and can be a lot warmer naturally. But we don't know all of the reasons why or how and it is hubris to claim that one knows for a fact what science actually hasn't established.

    Posted by: Keln
  • No, there is no proof that humans have affected the climate.

    The notion that humans have affected climate change on the planet is a claim with no proof. I think that there are many people who are trying to politicize the subject of the climate though. Even though I do not believe there is a problem with climate change, I still think people should do their best to take care of the planet.

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