Are humans responsible for the Uttarakhand disaster?

Asked by: kevinjain
  • Both are responsible but we are more responsible for this than nature

    Natural calamities will occur to maintain the population on earth but the number of disasters could be less if we the whole human society will try to save the nature.
    How can we blame nature, when we are destroying it . And if you are taking the side of development then first find the ways for sustainable development.

  • Yes Humans are responsible for uttarakhand disaster

    Natural disasters have occurred in the past and we can never say when it will happen next and where. Yet when we talk about ways as to how it could have been averted and what are the lessons learnt, I do not think any development could be called worthwhile if it is achieved at the cost of human resource of a country. I am sure my reply would have been the same if it happened to my family but could the naysayers say the same if their family was directly involved in this.

  • Don't blame human

    Hey this is kevin jain and i would like to draw ur attention to what happened in uttarakhand. Our weather department had just received the warning of heavy rain. You cannot abandon a state 4r that silly reason. In addition to that some of my opponents are saying technical and industrial development was responsible was responsible for the same. I totally disagree to all of them. Okay i would like u all 2 answer my question that can u live without development in today's world?

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