Are humans safe? Should we remove them to make society better?

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  • NO and NO.

    There are two questions.
    Are humans safe? No.
    We are surrounded by threats on a daily basis. We are even a threat to ourselves. This is especially true for those who are prone to take physical risks and of course people who are suicidal.
    Should we remove them to make society better? No.
    This is a silly question as without humans, Society does not exist so it wouldn't make society better. Might as well ask if removing boats would make sailing better.

  • Ehh. . . Not Really

    (Basing off the idea without religion)

    Humans are definitely not safe. We have been for centuries unpredictable. However, To remove them would just deplete society. Society is made up of sentient primary organisms with awareness and a strong conscience. By removing humans you would just be forestalling the inevitable. In the end, There would always be a race that has a society making the same mistakes as we did.

    (With Religion)

    The only time humans will be removed from society is when Judgement Day comes.

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